This is a post for those in public facing jobs (aka celebrities) and for the real friends and family of those individuals.
If you are a real friend or family member of a celebrity, please forward the link of this post.

IARNR_Religion to Relationship
FSAC_The thin line

Dear celebrity, welcome.
Please feel free to take a seat and lets talk about you, people, life and God(Jesus Christ).
Whether you’re an A-list or D-list celeb, no matter what field of work and entertainment you are in, to most regular folk (in the Red circle) and some (in the Green & Blue circles) you are gods, an idol to be followed, emulated and worshipped.
I know not all, but ‘many’ of you believe the hype shared about you, by those worshippers, the PR machines and the world system(matrix) which operates around you.
Some of you prefix pretentious titles and labels on yourself (or have them placed on you) and you feel insulted or disrespected, when called or addressed by the name on your birth certificate, the name your momma/daddy gave you, especially if individuals referring to you, do not use your desired “prefix” or “title”.
Some of you can even be found in the religious Christian circles ‘Hollywood type leader’ with your pomp ceremonies, robes, rings, etc. (both in the Green & the Blue circles).
As I said, many of you (main celebrities & religious Christians) are worshipped alongside other religions, by those in the Red circle.

FSAC_Scared Celebrities

Sadly, many of you don’t have ‘real’ regular friends, people who will tell you when you’re wrong and encourage you to do right.
People who will stand by and support you when you are speaking truths, especially when those truths go against the objectives of the loud-mouth (strategically positioned) minority, who attempt to take control of and steer public opinion in an attempt to influence morality decline and changes of beliefs.

FSAC_Cancelling Celebs

Many of you are surrounded by brown-nosers, yes-people and fake sycophants.
The ‘hangers-on’, who want to ride off of your glories, enjoying the limelight, fame, influence, power or money which surrounds you.
If the shine, the fame & fortune ever diminishes, they would quickly move onto the next big thing.

I sincerely hope you thank Yeshua(Jesus) ‘if’ you do have family and friends who are not afraid to speak honestly, who encourage you, when you are making positive moves and correct you, when you are way off the mark.
Look after them and never take those people for granted because you need them…but I’m sure you already know that.

In the past, having personally met a recently elected prime minister (albeit briefly) and having grown up seeing and being around, singers, actors, athletes and religious leaders, in or around my family/relative and past religious circles.
I’ve made it a mission to always have a correct and balanced view concerning people, respecting everyone I meet, irrespective of the job they do or position they hold; Black, Brown, Cream or White, Male or Female, young, old and in between.
I don’t do fan-boy worship, my knees are only for the King of kings & Lord of lords, Yeshua (Jesus), the only Wise God.
I will usually respectfully use a persons name, or a generic reference, unless it’s extremely awkward to do otherwise.
I believe, real respect comes from how people treat others, not by using a (usually pretentious) prefixed title.
I see people in the public eye as people, not gods and most definitely not my God.

It’s important to understand that calling celebrities ‘stars’ is one of many terms taken by the puppet leaders of the world system, from the Bible.
The foundation for that term comes from the truth of the Word of God concerning people who help and assist others to accept the Salvation of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ (Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach).
It’s the true believer, who encourages others to accept abundant life, who are referred to as shining as stars.

“And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever.”

The Book of Daniel chapter 12 verse 3

The irony in calling celebrities, ‘stars’, is that they ‘usually’, are individuals used by the temporarily allowed powers that be, to turn people to everything else (in the red circle) not to righteousness and living for Yeshua, in the centre circle. A deliberate twist of the use of the word.

As “celebrities” you are people, who also expel gas, have to eat, drink, sleep, poop, pee and wash yourself just like me, so no human being (or esp enemy of the human race/hybrid) should receive any additional worship, just (where human beings are concerned) regular respect.
Therefore, if and when I meet any more famous or known people, these truths are always on my mind, and will cause me to treat them as they should be treated…normally.

FSAC_They're only Celebs

Most of the religious Christians (conservatives in the Blue circle) believe that the majority of the wealthy (the 1-20%) have given themselves over to the enemies of the human race and sold out to their chief leader, Satan, or whatever name he likes to go by.
Therefore the majority (if not all) of them, don’t see a point in bothering to attempt to engage with those types (the financially rich), especially the 1% celebrities.

FSAC_Billionaire testing

Matthew chapter 4: verses 8 & 9

Matthew chapter 4: versed 10 & 11

Matthew chapter 19: verses 16 – 30

On the other hand, there are religious Christians (liberals in the Green circle) who believe it’s good to actively seek to make friends and suck up to celebrities.
They believe that celebrities visiting their church assemblies(buildings), within their religious organisations, will bring kudos, money and additional people, as the followers (worshippers) of the celebrities will also visit their organisations, and possibly join, if they see their stars (idols/gods) attending services there.
There are also religious (usually liberal) Christian celebrities who have also been permitted to ‘break through’ into MM, preaching and teaching their “brand” of Christianity and many within their organisations worship and hang on every word they say, no matter how incorrect (according to Yeshua’s teachings) they may be.

Being a ‘disciple of Yeshua’, a true believer, in the centre of the circles, in relationship with Him, not in religion, I have a different perspective to the religious folk on both sides.
While I understand and believe that many of the 1-20% have sold out to the enemies of the human race, I still believe there are a small percentage who are chosen, who still have time to ‘come out from among’ the enemies camps and be saved.
I keep in mind that Jesus said, with Him, all things are possible, therefore there ‘is’ a small percentage of you celebrities, who have been blessed with finances and resources, who can and will make it into heaven.
Also, while I admit that the name (fame) and money which you celebrities have, can assist and help many charitable causes, as well as small businesses and local grass-roots community projects etc.
I don’t believe connections should be made with anyone, in the attempts to find a ‘cash cow’.
I am also firmly against telling anyone, who has been allowed by Yeshua, to accumulate finances, how they should spend it.
I have to admit that I do see and think that having the surplice cash, is a blessing, in the right hands, enabling people with vision, who know their purpose (how they should glorify and serve Yeshua and help other people) to establish and develop the projects and ministries necessary to fulfil and help the needs of others, less fortunate.
I have an even bigger respect, for those of you who help anonymously, understanding there is a greater blessing in helping others which encourages individuals to give Jesus the praise and worship He deserves, for the help He inspired and allowed you to give.

FSAC_Having a vision

Yeshua is the Almighty God (EL Shaddai) and our source, money is just a resource and the true believer, knows this truth; while understanding what true riches are.
We look to Yeshua to assist and provide (without begging or sucking up) for the needs of the work or ministry, which can also include assistance from the financially rich, who have not sold out to Satan.

FSAC_Behind the celebrity scenes

As a celebrity, you may or may not be on the ‘outs’ concerning what happens in the inner-sanctums, secret society meetings etc. it may or not be above your ‘pay grade’ to know certain things.
You may or may not know how to identify a cult.
You may or may not understand where the real power has been temporarily permitted by Yeshua EL Shaddai and how the world system(matrix) has been running for millennia.
However, those ‘in the know’, know that those of us who are highlighting certain truths concerning the 1-20% financially rich and famous, the puppet leaders (of the enemies of the human race) in the governments, monarchies, business sector, mainstream and social media, sports and entertainment.
Know that the enemies of the human race, whether you choose to call them aliens, evil angels, demons, gods, masters etc. and their leader…are real.
Therefore, you ‘should’ also know it automatically goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, that their leaders, leader, the head of the all existence, Yeshua EL Shaddai, along with the Holy Angels and Hosts are also real.

FSAC_Anti-Christ Quotes
Signs of the Anti-Christ agenda (seal) from Movie & TV studios, Producers, Writers, Directors & Actors.

They, the enemies of the human race, where Yeshua has permitted them, have history and experiencing of assisting, fooling and encouraging the human race into all manner of negative evil activities.
Today nothing has changed, they continue to lie to deceive and fool many of you celebrities and the people who follow and worship you, aka your fans.

While many of your fans (in the Red circle) are completely oblivious to what is really going on in the world and life, some in your circles well and truly know what time it is.

FSAC_Clock is ticking

I have to remind or maybe enlighten you depending on your level of knowledge or ignorance.
If you don’t humble yourself and take heed to the call for salvation, it will result in you and those like you, ending up on the wrong side of the battle and victory, no matter what lies “they” have told the initiated, in their secret sanctums and ceremonial places of ungodly satanic worship.

It’s amazing how many celebrities, who have made deals, play a game of public ignorance, as to what that elevation costs, the price which needs to be paid.
The giving away of your Heavenly birth-right is part of the deal, along with blood and life, someone or people in general, need to be ‘offered up’, for the fame, notoriety and finance which comes with it.
Ceremonies need to be attended and participated in and agreements have to be made to assist the worst elements of society to ‘have more’, in order for you to climb their “success” ladder.
At one end of the scale, it could be the offering up of children (own off-spring) or otherwise, at the other end of the scale, it’s the lives of some of your fans, with so-called accidental incidents which mysteriously happen, at some of your events.
Oh, we know there is more, the ‘parties’, the orgies, the drugs, the individual and group blood rituals, the sacrifices, the chants, the spiritual possession and channelling, the symbols and signs.
All to give obedience and worship to the enemies of the human race, in payment for giving up Heavenly birth rights (the selling of your souls), with the measly reward of achieving the rip-off ‘lesser’ gifts of fame and financial fortunes, on this side of life.

If you are a celebrity and you don’t know about any of the above, either you are ‘on the outs’ and (as yet) have not been trusted in their inner circles, or, you are one of the rare gems, a born again (or soon to be) believer in Jesus Christ who has passed the test, not allowed the fame and riches to go to your head and you serve the Holy and Righteous King of kings, not the hateful lying prince of evil.
Either way, thank Jesus that you are not in this group, continue to resist the temptation to join the others.

If you are ‘in the know’ and you know you should not be among that lake-bound group (Revelation 20:10-15), as you are still alive, you have hope and a way out.
Always remember Jesus (Yeshua) is the supreme being and power, if He has kept your conscious alive and placed it in your heart to desire a change, you will find the right resources and people to make that change.

FSAC_Following hypocritical examples

As a celebrity, whether you know about (and have witnessed the materialising) of the lake-bound temporary allowed powers that be, the haters of the human race, or not.
Your worshippers, the fans, are following you with the ridiculous (and sometimes spiritually dangerous) hand signs, the covering of one eye, dropping certain key-words, wearing certain clothes and items of jewellery and accessories, carrying out sexual deviant practices and more.
Some of them actually foolishly think you are talking about Jesus(GOD) when you mention that you believe, not realising that you actually mean, you believe, worship and follow your god, that hateful lying prince, aka Satan.
Knowingly or not, you have been given a mandate to confuse, inspire and influence your worshippers, the fans, into producing hypocritical and contradictory behaviour, believing they can still believe in Yeshua(GOD) while following and behaving like the puppets of Satan, the celebrities.

FSAC_The most expensive possesion

Your worshippers (the fans) especially the younger ones, have well and truly been fooled into thinking the acquiring of money, material items…’things’ are more important than what’s really important.
Whether you care to accept it or not, the Salvation of Jesus Christ and Him saving our Souls (Heavenly birth-right) is the most important, precious and valuable gift that anyone can have.
Sadly, many follow their celebrity idols in ignorance chasing fame and fortune; the blind leading the blind.
The position you have been allowed to hold caries a great responsibility with it and will have more consequences later, if a change of heart (repentance) is not involved and those responsibilities do not prove to have a positive outcome for both you and those who follow you.

FSAC_Real life

Obviously, I know that most of the things your ‘people’ tell you to do for PR etc. is a load of nonsense but I also know that some of the things have a big spiritual influence, especially over the ignorant masses, who think the spiritual is all fictitious make-believe.
They sadly have no idea, that the majority of the celebrity males are modern day pagan priests and the females are modern day pagan temple priestesses, with those in the fashion industry also being puppets to the enemies of the human race, dressing (if you can call it that, in some instances) the celebrities in ways to entice their fans and lead them into all manner of unrighteousness.

The system has been set up to rebel against the Word of Jesus and celebrities are a big part of that, to help past, present and future generations to continue that rebellion calling wrongs right and right wrongs, helped by their idols who lead the way, their celebrity gods.

FSAC_For the astute free thinker

I’m a person who believes in the supreme sovereignty, omnipresent all seeing and knowing power of Yeshua EL Shaddai.
I don’t think that there is anything which is too hard for Him to do, as He told Jeremiah the prophet, no one can hide from Him.
If you are reading this, as a celebrity, He (Jesus) has called you to this point and time, to pay attention.
Just as there is one devil, the hateful lying prince leader of the enemies of human kind.
You must know, there is only 1 GOD (our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ) and He is the Head of the Holy Hosts as well as the Head of the leader and enemies of human kind.
As I’ve previously said, I don’t believe all the 1-20% are a lost cause, Yeshua also has His church (His called out people) even among the celebrities.
It is not too late but you have to be ready to move and do what needs to be done quickly, Jesus will do all that you can’t and protect your loved ones who also want to make the same choice to choose life and the Salvation of Jesus Christ.

I’m not expecting a follow on Twitter, while I don’t mind, it would in fact, be probably better for you to subscribe to this Blog and communicate anonymously (via posts comments or emails) until you feel confident to come forward and communicate openly.

Unlike the enemies, Yeshua expects us to be open and honest with others about our beliefs in Him and living for Him.
He wants us to be open and loving about our faith, sharing why we follow the way, the truth and the life and how and why we are to love others, even our ‘human’ enemies.
I’m open to conversing with anyone who is serious about salvation and I’m not the only one.
I’m open to share the Word of Yeshua and Baptise, in His wonderful, powerful and sin removing ‘name’, not His titles.
Please feel free to read through my posts and ask any questions, I will always answer openly and honestly.

I will stop there, however, where I’m led, I will be sharing other insights in my ‘consider this‘ series of posts, concerning celebrities.

Jesus Bless you.

Phil Gayle
G Man
Watiwa Mtoto wa Yeshua

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