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There are always solutions
The best solution to resisting sickness and disease is to try to maintain good health and fitness.
I recently shared an account concerning contracting a serious case of food poisoning at the end of January 2021.
If my health wasn’t as good as it was prior to that, perhaps the drama which ensued may have been ‘partially’ justified and you wouldn’t reading this, as I wouldn’t be here to write it. Or, maybe it just wasn’t my time to go, as I have unfinished business to complete.


It’s been said that our food is our medicine and I can testify that it most definitely is true.
The food we eat and the liquids we drink help us to maintain a healthy immune system, which helps us to fight sickness and disease.
I have written about my major changes on how I eat and drink, purging my system, eliminating dairy in 2005 which fixed a whole lot of digestive, bowel and some skin issues.
I’ve eliminated process foods, from 2016 removing sugar and meat from my diet has also helped.
As I have said in my other posts on health, I’m not a religious non-meat eater (aka vegan) the rest of my family still eat meat and/or fish.
However, I encourage anyone eating meat to buy organic meat as much as they can, stay away from processed meats and to eat the meats and fish that are not detrimental to your health, those listed in the Book of Leviticus chapter 11.
There are many books on healthy eating, I have listed a good one on my book review page, most know about green leafy vegetables, eating fruit and certain grains are also important, with balance being the key.
Some in the MM have rubbished boosting the immune system as a way to both resist or recover quickly from flu and flu-type virus’ such as Covid but ignore those who just want you to be a big pharma junkie, do some research on immune boosting foods, the knowledge and information is out there.
Foods rich in Vitamin D and Zinc are essential for the immune system to function to it’s optimum level.
Drinking fruit juice with pulp (for fibre) is a help but water (especially Alkaline) is essential to maintaining health as well as blending green juices.

Exercise, the open air and sunshine

Exercise is also very important as it helps us to strengthen our bodies and improve our fitness.
Getting out and about to get air and sunshine, will also help our Vitamin D levels and boost our immune system.


Many leave out sleep, from the health & fitness equation, whether it’s 7 or 8 hours, we should be trying to get good uninterrupted sleep, to help our body to repair itself, assist us in eliminating waste and losing weight.

Vitamins and Supplements

Unfortunately (due to our geographical locations) we can’t all get our vitamins and minerals from the Sun or our food and drink, many will have to do some research into which companies to purchase Vitamin and Mineral and supplements from.
I have found a good company to source my B12, I get the rest of my supplementation from adding Spirulina and Moringa to my diet.
Most worry about protein, but the real concern should be, are we getting enough Vitamin B12, Vitamin D and Iron?
A good GP will be able to get you some tests to see if you are deficient in anything, to assist you in bringing your body into balance and good health.

No stress or fear

Stress and fear are killers, you can actually worry yourself sick and frighten yourself to death.
People really need to do all they can to eliminate both negative emotions.
Some turn from channel to channel watching all the negative news pumped out by the MM.
People need to switch off the TV, read the Gospels & letters to the Churches, put some good music on, dance or sing, in order to reduce their stress and eliminate their fears.
Prayer and counselling also helps to block, reduce and eliminate stress and fear.


Fasting can help to reset and boost your immune system, food fasting can give time for our bodies to focus it’s energies on repair and not the digestive system.
It’s a difficult subject to approach as some will need to check with a good Doctor to see if they have any underlying problems.
The best way to start is to start small, half a day once a week and build up, I have been fasting since 1993 so I would be considered experienced.
It’s alleged reported that in order for the immune system to get a real boost and reset, individuals will have to fast for a minimum of 3 days.
My sister and I have had debates on fasting, she believes that real food fasting is done with prayer and Bible reading.
I believe food fasting can be separated into two categories, regular and spiritual
I believe that a ‘spiritual food fast’ is done alongside meditation, prayer to Yeshua EL Shaddai and reading the Bible.
A regular food fast is what both believers and non-believers can participate in, which only consists of not eating (or drinking) but that’s according to the experience levels of the individual.
Whether spiritual or regular, fasting helps to strengthen your immune system and improve your health.


There are married couples (men&women) who live quite happily without making love and enjoying a sex life, there are many reasons for that, including health and physical disabilities.
All able bodied couples should enjoy their love making with their spouse as often as possible, to release their endorphins and improve their health.
Obviously we have to remember sleep is important, if you are going to enjoy each other for hours, or do an all-nighter, try to enjoy your adult couples play, on the night before your lay-in day or on a day you don’t have to go to work, so you can enjoy the after sex sleep.
Obviously sex is and can be enjoyed by others;  I’m referring to sex in it’s correct context, according to my beliefs in the truths of the Bible.

A safe vaccine
After all my research, it would be foolish of me to follow the MM fear propaganda and take a vaccine which is produced and offered by companies with negative and suspect track records.
Companies which haven’t developed those vaccines alongside independent experts, who will be allowed to test those vaccines within a transparent process.
Especially if those pharma companies are not held to the same standards as other companies and cannot be prosecuted (with imprisonment for the offenders and hefty financial penalties/compensation) for wrong doing and harming the general public.

I did say that I was for ‘safe vaccines’; this would be the criteria for me taking a ‘safe’ vaccine.

  1. The anti-Covid vaccine would have to be produced by an independent new ethical, not for profit company, with the good of people as it’s core foundation.
  2. A company which is happy to work in a transparent process and is happy for it’s vaccine to be tested by independent experts who do not work for the world harm organisation, Gates of Fauci.
  3. The vaccine compounds and adjuvants must only be derived from plant, herb, vegetables or fruits.
    I do not want any heavy metals in them, I’m not a cannibal so I don’t want any other human cells or DNA, I also do not want any animal cells in it.
  4. I’m against child sacrifices or baby killing, I don’t want to be injected with any fetus cells.
  5. As a vaccine would have to be specific to be purposeful, it would have to be produced according to my DNA.
  6. I would like full autonomy of my DNA records, with the results remaining with me, not the company.
  7. It would have to be a one-hit vaccine, if the vaccine has to be taken annually, for me there is no point in taking it.

‘IF’ the above criteria can be met, along with the necessary controlled amount of the actual virus, to provoke my bodies ability to produce anti-bodies, I would be happy to take a vaccine.

FSAC_Consider this
Image by Yaayaa Diallo,

I’m sorry for your loss, times and seasons
In part 1 of this series, I shared my acknowledgement that people have died due to contracting Covid, I’m not a doctor but it wouldn’t surprise me if, sadly, they had known or unknown health issues.
My sincere condolences to you if you have had a loved one die from Covid.
Being a father, I understand both the joy of life but I also understand we all have a time and season and that sadly and painfully includes death.
I’ve heard some have been shocked that their physically fit friend/family member has died from Covid.
As painful as it is to hear, being physically fit is not an automatic indication of good health and immune system health, physically fit people can also have underlying health issues.

I may sound a bit point-blank to some, however, after what I’ve recently experienced, I’m grateful for life.
The reality is, we can do a lot to look after ourselves and I did but I was still severely hit, even with my level of health and fitness.
That being said, I have never been one to believe that certain people are exempt from Covid or dying from the underlying issues which Covid attacks.
While I respect that others may just be filled with fear and will do what the MM and their politicians tell them to do.
I would respectfully ask that those who are quick to say “you would be crazy not to take the vaccine”, to keep their fears to themselves and not try to project them on those of us who do not share their fears.
For example, the irony is, many who advocate mask wearing, would stare at you in a supermarket, for not wearing a mask, while purchasing processed sugar laden or salty foods, dairy, sugary drinks, alcohol and even cigarettes.
Some of those said people would come out of the supermarket, pull their mask down and light up a cigarette…it’s nonsensical.

When we were back in London we went about our business (without masks) and interacted with both masked and unmasked individuals, in and outside of our home.
Our children went out to work, went to their friends and some of their friends came to our house, all without masks.
Our house sharing neighbours on one side (Brits, South Africans & Australians) had house parties and friends come over (no masks), our house sharing neighbours on the other side (Brits & Eastern Europeans) had friends come over (no masks) and none of the 3 houses came down with Covid.
As much as MM tried to instil fear, panic and mask wearing, most people (along our part of the road) tried to live life as normal.
Yes, in some establishments you are forced to wear a mask but in general we always used the option to breath free and easy without one.
When you walked into a supermarket over in the UK it was probably a 70/30 split with 70% (of all colours) wearing the mask.
Here in the motherland (especially in the areas we’ve been) it’s a refreshing 70/30 split the other way, with the minority believing they need to wear a mask.

We are all going to die (at least once) and I’m a great believer that when it’s our time it’s our time.
Whether we are a believer or not, healthy or not, taking a vaccine or not, when Yeshua says our time is up, it’s up.
That’s why I will not be steered by fear and I will not allow others to make me feel, irresponsible or some sort of virus laden killer, for not following what those in the MM tell them.

I would not tell others that they have to take the vaccine (no vaccine educated person would) however, I would encourage people to make informed educated choices and to be prepared to take accountability for their actions and deal with the repercussion of their choices.
More importantly, I would advise people to get their real life insurance sorted out, the insurance which comes from repentance and accepting Yeshua’s plan of salvation for their lives.
Obedience to His word and living in love and forgiveness goes a long way to giving us all the necessary peace and boldness we need to have, in these last days.
As always, the choice is down to every individual as to whether they are simply ‘called’ or choose to be ‘chosen’.

Doctors and scientists to consider listening to, when looking for the ‘full picture’.
The following are a list of those who have found a way to bring ‘seekers’ balanced health and scientific information.
Information which will help you to quash the attempts of the WHO, Govs, Fauci, Gates and MM to cover you with a blanket of fear.
If nothing I’ve (and others like me) have said, convinces you, listen to their videos, read their information on their websites and make up your mind for yourself.

Dr Rashid Buttar

Dr Sherri Tenpenny

Dr Judy Mikovits

Dr Andrew Cutler

Dr Stephanie Cave

Dr Doreen Granpeesheh

Dr Suzanne Humphries

Dr Andrew Wakefield

Dr Luc Montagmier

Dr Brian Hooker

Dr William W Thompson

Dr Bernard Dalbergue

One of the few videos circulating on the net which perfectly summarise the situation the whole world finds themselves in concerning the anti-Covid jabs.
It’s short, please watch it to add more knowledge to your research.

Happy researching and stay safe.
Remember, be careful, not fearful.


Phil Gayle
Watiwa Mtoto wa Yeshua
G Man

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