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History reveals
I’m not an historian, there are obviously some good contemporary historians, sharing unbiased truths, giving specific dates and times in which historical events and incidents occurred.
However, In watching the documentaries and doing some additional research.
After the 1st world war, where the European cousins were at war against each other and Britain drafted in help from many of the countries they colonised, to help them to defeat the Germans.
The temporary allowed powers that be, began to strongly influence/control key European & European-Americans (specific 1-20 percent ) especially in the areas of finance, commerce and in this case, science.
It’s evident that, from as early as the end of the 1st world war, there was a plan to use some dangerous chemicals and metals (among other things) to begin population control and/or the creation of human dependency on big pharma drugs, especially vaccines.
For example, in America, the big pharma company Eli Lilly, in the late 1920s began to use an ingredient (compound) called ‘Thimerosal’, which is supposed to be a “preservative”.
That so-called preservative was in fact the dangerous heavy metal, Mercury, which led to devastating results. Watch the documentaries.

More on research
Research tip…
Due to ignorance or laziness, most people conduct their internet searches using Google or Bing, both of which obviously yield results.
However, if you want additional unrestricted information, I would recommend using a VPN and ‘privacy concerned’ search engines such as or to conduct your searches.
Whenever you search on a compound, chemical or ingredient by name, to receive a definition,
always do additional searches which include the search terms, “The dangers of…(said chemical)” and see what results you receive.

Compounds and ingredients
The documentaries also cover the difference between the mercury found in fish (Methyl) and those found in the metal itself (Ethyl).
While too much Methyl mercury is also detrimental to the body and our health, Methyl is more readily flushed out by the body, while Ethyl remains resident, to affect the brain and other parts of the body. Ethyl is 50 times more toxic to the body than Methyl.
Having both in the body, can be a lethal combination…watch the documentaries for more details.

Another metal which is detrimental to our health, Aluminium, is also used in vaccines.
Aluminium is synergistic, when added to a vaccine, along with Mercury, is extremely toxic to the brain and body, as it speeds up and amplifies the affects of Mercury.
To add insult to injury, the scientifically advised limits of both metals (which a body can contain) or allowed in water supplies, are superseded by the amounts contained within vaccines.

There are many compounds and chemicals (among other things) which are added to vaccines.
This list reads like something out of a sci-fi or horror film.
Adjuvants are used to help make the vaccines more potent, where injections are concerned, they can cause an inflammatory reaction where the needle has penetrated the body.
Adjuvants include:-

  • Thimerosal (Mercury)
  • Aluminium
  • Formaldehyde
  • Squalene
  • Monkey kidney cells
  • Nickel
  • Chromium
  • Chicken Embryos
  • Biodegradable Polymeric Nanoparticles
  • Animal cells
  • Human cells
  • Phenol Red
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Gentamicin
  • Mono phosphoryl lipid A

I have done some research and looked at the above list, remember, these are only some of the adjuvants used.
When you do your research, remember these (and others) are mixed in a cocktail, the majority of them have no business being in the human body.
When you do your research, ask yourself, would I want these and other ingredients put into my body?

It’s counter-productive to be hypersensitive or use the plandemic to embrace xenophobia & xenophobic fear
When watching Vaxxed, it’s understandable that a large proportion of Black and Brown people believe that certain Govs (and Big Pharma in general) are trying to eliminate, reduce or nullify our specific communities.
It’s not just about the rise in Autism, it’s a popular belief, due to the track record of historical experimentation on the Black and Brown communities, by European/European-American owned big pharma companies. Experimentation which goes back even further, to the hundreds of years of slavery.
For example, the syphilis and polio experiments/vaccinations, along with the development and interference of the World Harm Organisation in Africa, Asia and South America.
However, keep watching and doing your research and you will see that their desire to push vaccine usage, is not colour specific; Black, Brown, Cream & White have all been affected.
It would be true to say that this is about total population control/reduction, population reliance on pharma and population subservience, for something more sinister in the near future.

The educated will obviously understand why Black & Brown people, have even more suspicions, reservations and a refusal to be experimented on.
Also, to believe the propaganda of some Govs and the MM, that Covid is more prevalent in one community over another, can’t logically be substantiated, especially when you consider the mass non-participation in testing along with the questionable results some tests produce.
That being said, it is obviously understandable:-
* If certain people from certain communities take front-line (usually lower paid) positions in the health industry.
* If a number of those do not have the education on health and fitness or the finance to buy the correct foods and drinks to assist their health and strengthen their immune system.
* If those people have two or three low-paid jobs, being sleep deprived, highly stressed and thereby having weaker immune systems.
* If those people also live in poor and cramped conditions, in areas where the local councils/boroughs/districts are not cleaning the area up and (social and private) landlords are not improving their properties.
* If those people also have been put in a position to deal with real cases of Covid (PPE or not) can it really be surprising that, the statistical demographics will be skewed to reflect figures in a certain way?
Think about it sensibly, the Covid virus does not discriminate concerning skin colour, it’s attack (and mortality rate) is based on the health, health conditions and the genetic make-up of individuals, not the colour of peoples skin.
It’s clear to see that some Govs and the general MM propaganda are good at creating bias and fear.
In this particular area, it’s an obvious and blatant attempt to coerce the Black and Brown communities into complying, lining up and taking the vaccine, in equal measure to everyone else.

To paraphrase a quote from Vaxxed, “We don’t belong to our elected or self-imposed governments or monarchies”.

FSAC_Consider this
Image by Yaayaa Diallo,

More questions…
Considering the fact that vaccines can alter our cell properties.
Considering the fact that we all have ‘unique’ cell and DNA make-ups, which means that genetic susceptibility (even to vaccines) can cause epidemics.
Due to their historical track records…
* Can the CDC, complicit Govs or big pharma, really be trusted to deliver a safe anti-Covid vaccine?
* Should we really be accepting vaccines from companies such as Merck, Glaxo, Pfizer, Sanofi, Johnson & Johnson, PharmaEssentia, Moderna or Astrazenecka?
* What will be the affects of taking the anti-Covid vaccine in connection with past or other future vaccines, which may be taken?


  • Why would anyone want to unleash a deadly virus on the world’s inhabitants?
  • Why is there a push for separation, mask wearing & vaccines?
  • Why has the science and mortality figures been so sketchy and questionable?
  • Why have the experienced experts (the Doctors and Scientist who do not agree with the WHO) not been given the platform on MM to speak freely?
  • Why has so many independent small and medium sized businesses been put out of business, through repeatedly (seemingly unnecessary) lock-downs?
  • Why have the majority been restricted and seemingly controlled, for the sake of the minority?

Most questions have answers, the short answer that certain Govs, the WHO and their preachers on MM will give you is, “To keep as many safe as possible”.
Sounds, plausible and reasonable, the fact that the masses ‘think’ that’s the reason, is a testament to how those with the loudest voices and biggest platforms have the ability to spin a narrative (however false) and have the majority believe it.
It’s obvious that the many have been coerced with the fear of death, to believe the science-fiction, with everything contrary being labelled conspiracy theory.
Some rejectors of the vaccine (the majority of which have a faith) have claimed that the Vaccine is the foretold, ‘mark of the beast’ and while I understand why they believe that, I disagree.
Covid 19 and the apparent need to take a vaccine, is a lead-up-to event, to that pending event.
If like me, believers have read those prophesies and thought to themselves, “How are the temporary allowed powers that be, going to make the world’s leaders trick the masses into accepting something which will lead to the second death and the lake?
Also, How will they be so convincing that even those saying they are ‘believing/religious leaders’ will be assisting in tricking (those who follow them) into taking the mark?
Well ladies and gents, ironically, the fear of dying will cause many, to accept something they should not and sadly that will lead to the the lake.
The heated debate over the anti-Covid vaccine is a foretaste of what is to come with the actual mark.
So why? Well quite simply, there are too many of us on the planet to effectively monitor and control in the New World Order.
The virus’ will take out a significant amount of the population.
The vaccines will take out another percentage.
The army and police will deal with any insurgence from any protesting resistance groups.
Leaving those who have taken their various courses of vaccines, subservient, monitored and dependent on the cult of state (governments) and big pharma.

What happens to the rest of us?
That’s a loaded question which deserves more time to discuss, in other posts.

FSAC_The Vaccine

Tests, tests and more tests
When he was alive, President Magufuli requested that a number of Covid tests were used (tested) to check their validity, which gave some surprising results.
Most were sceptical before hearing about those particular results and they confirmed our reservations.
It’s allegedly reported that some of those tests require the membrane in the nose (which is in tact for a reason) to be broken, for samples to be taken.
That membrane is reportedly another layer of protection for our immune system to function.
Why would they make individuals susceptible, while allegedly testing for our own safety?
Also, where are those test results going, what are they doing with the testees DNA?
It’s not necessarily a problem (or a sin) to get a Covid test but obviously, it’s not ideal or helpful to have your nasal membranes broken or your DNA stored on a Tracking database.
Your DNA is personal to you and should not be stored without your consent, however, new laws are being written all the time to “legalise” infringements on human rights, in preparation for the great reset/NWO and the mark.
It’s increasingly difficult to navigate but not impossible to avoid those tests and being tested, especially if you know you are well.
However, the counter argument to that will be, you could be OK but you could also be a carrier of the virus, therefore take the test.
My counter argument to that is, if you feel you are immune compromised, have known or underlying health issues, if you feel what your Govs are telling you through MM is true, put a mask on and social distance yourself from me, don’t expect me to be forced into doing what I don’t want (or have) to do.
I personally do not want my nasal membrane broken or my DNA data stored on any more databases than is necessary, the fact that some systems have our biometric information is concerning enough.

The Vaccine – Injections, pills (tablets or capsules), time-release patches or next-gen intelligent RFID chips.

Don’t be fooled into thinking the vaccine will only be administered via injections.
Work has already begun to deliver it in various formats, which will put the minds at ease of the many thousands with needle phobia, or who simply can’t take injections.
It’s ‘their’ aim to have everyone monitored and vaccinated and in doing so, it will be easier to administer the pending mark, to those who will accept it.

You don’t have to but really you’re going to need to
There are many laws which apparently are there to protect our human rights, one of those rights is to have the ability and power to choose.
However, it’s both evident and obvious that those laws are being re-written and binned, for the so-called “greater good”.
Look closely at those who are the middle people (the leaders, both politicians and monarchs) they have been given a mandate (by the temporarily allowed powers that be) and they are carrying them out.
Those laws are being stripped, while in parallel, they are giving the illusion that taking any form of anti-Covid vaccine will be a personal choice.
At the same time, they give their preachers the MM another mandate, to ridicule and vilify those of us who refuse to take any of the currently (and soon to be released) anti-Covid vaccines.
They have encouraged people to ‘police’ their friends, family, work colleagues, neighbours etc.
So much so that relationships are being tested, strained and even broken, over whether or not to wear a mask and most definitely whether or not to take the vaccine.

Last year I Tweeted a message which would seem dramatic and drastic to most who read it, this year that message is appearing to be fulfilled and not so far-fetched.
Especially with the talk of vaccine passports to enable travel to certain places or whether or not you can socialise in certain establishments, without some form of vaccine confirmation.
It will then be moved to whether or not work places or educational establishments should or should not be able to permit those who have not been vaccinated.
It’s starting to sound like the mark of the beast isn’t it? However, there is more to come with the real mark…more on that another time.

“Where there’s risk, there must be choice.” Vaxxed.

The real conspiracy, illogical science-fiction being readily accepted by the masses
Many of us (who have not been fooled by the religious cult of state control) have been asking a number of questions, which have not been satisfactorily answered.
While we are fully aware that there are those with both known and probable underlying health issues, who need to take extra precautions.

  • If we are not repeatedly sneezing or coughing on those around us, why do we need to wear a mask?
    Especially as there is counter-science proving that prolonged mask wearing can actually stress and weaken our immune systems.
  • If wearing a mask is essential, why do we need lock-downs and to social distance?
    Especially when there is science to prove that our immune systems are strengthened when we socialise
  • If wearing a mask and social distancing is essential to stop Covid, why is there such a need and desire to get the “whole world” to take the vaccine.
  • If you have taken a vaccine, why do you need top-ups and repeat prescriptions?
    It would appear that some entities are trying to create mass drug dependency, or could it be that the repeat doses are necessary to enable the body to accept foreign implants, like RFID chips?
  • If lock-downs are necessary, why are they selectively targeting certain groups and sections of society, why wasn’t lock-downs imposed on everyone?
    It would also appear that another agenda is at play here.
  • If you take the vaccine why are you still advised to wear a mask?
    If the vaccines still require you to wear a mask, you may as well not bother with the vaccine.
  • If you take the vaccine and it’s supposed to protect you, why are you concerned by those who don’t take the vaccine?
    That’s an admittance that the vaccine possibly, doesn’t work and if so, why bother?

As humans, we are social, spiritual and emotional beings, created by Yeshua to love and be loved.
Being with and around others is good for our emotional and spiritual health and in-turn, our immune system receives a boost.

  • Why are those entities ‘hell bent’ on enforcing separation, with the social distancing nonsense?
    If you develop symptoms and you don’t have known or possible underlying health issues, you should keep your fluid intake up and self-isolate for the commonly advised, two-week period.
    It would obviously be wise for anyone in the vulnerable category monitor their situations closely and seek medical assistance, if needed.
  • Why are we not adopting a safe common-sense, no need for unnecessary fear, approach?

Yes the conspirators are at work all right but look at the above questions and you’ll see and understand where the conspiracies lie and who the conspirators are.

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  1. I’ve just read some of your articles. I read about the food poisoning and the censorship on ytube. Its so concerning but more importantly we have to be prepared. I’m coming back for more. I’m in a serious dilemma on so many levels including the Ca/Cb situation, vaccination, so does many of my friends. Its so hard to survive.

    • Hi Mo,
      Thanks for reading and more importantly your comment, I value your feedback.
      We are in a serious situation and sadly it’s only going to get worse before it gets better, especially for the believer.
      It took us years to make the move to our current geographical location, it was not easy.
      I fully understand that many can’t make a move, especially due to their financial situations.
      Now more than ever, it’s a matter of exercising faith and trusting Yeshua to protect, deliver & provide.
      A question I’m now asking all believers…”If we can’t stand strong against taking the vaccine(s), how will we stand strong against the Mark?”.
      Let’s stand strong in love, unity and faith, it will soon be time for all believers to exercise the type of ‘real & live’ faith James the Apostle speaks about, in his letters to the Church.
      I want to be in a position to help others, not only with with words of advice or prayer; I also want to be able to help with physical resources.
      However, sadly, I’m not in the position to do so, yet.
      #Keepthefaith #seekYeshua #staystrong

      • Thanks for replying, Phil. Not one really expects you to help financially, that’s a lot to ask. It just means some of us have to continually be careful and make do of whatever resources we have and particularly, be discreet. I have ppl stylishly hounding me at work about if I’ve had the vaccine. They know I haven’t but I tell them we’re trying to get pregnant and we don’t know how the vaccine will affect us. But for how much longer?

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