As you read this post, I hope you are in good health, especially immune health and you understand the difference between, fitness and health.
I commend all the health care workers, who continue to “do their jobs” in the midst of this plandemic.
Most have an understanding of the difficulties they face, especially the individuals who ‘know what’s going on’ and continue to professionally provide the best health care possible.
It’s both sad and infuriating, when you consider that Rona was released (by the puppets of the ‘temporary’ allowed powers that be) with an acknowledgement of the obvious repercussions and impact it would place on the world health care services and all who work within it. There’s one word for it and that is ‘wicked’.
There are obviously many levels of health and care work, from cleaners to surgeons and everyone in between.
I don’t believe in worshipping people for doing their job, or contributing to the religious ceremonial ‘clapping’ at a certain time of the day/evening or calling them heroes.
However, they all deserve a level of consideration for what they have to contend with and yes, their pay increases should also reflect that.

Social media chatter is consistently ongoing and since Jan 2020, Rona has created plenty of talking points.
One of the questions frequently posed was, How bad can it actually be?
As I didn’t frequent any of the three hospitals situated near where I lived, I couldn’t answer that question.
However, others did visit their local hospitals and reported their findings, especially on Twitter, with some showing ambulances in queues to get into their hospitals, while others showed a number of hospitals which were business as usual (if not quieter) as many chose to stay away from hospital to give possible Rona victims priority.
These reports really did make some question the panic and mayhem the MM attempted to create concerning all hospitals supposedly being over-filled with Covid victims.
Another commonly question asked was, Do you actually know anyone who contracted Covid?
It took a while for me to be able to answer yes to that question, but I can now say yes.
4 People (whom, admittedly, I haven’t seen in a while) have contracted Covid, 3 were hospitalised and all have survived, one of which did a VLOG of his experience and posted it on YouTube.

Talk now continues to surround the area of “the vaccine”.
We started the debate early in 2020 on Twitter, straight off the mark, I echo what some of the “balanced” doctors and scientists (who are not working for the WHO, World Health Harm Organisation or Gates) have said, I’m not against vaccines, I’m for ‘safe’ vaccines.
However, can the majority (or all) of the available vaccines be considered safe?
Especially when they are not under the regulations of regular medicines and are mostly (if not all) created/produced by the ‘it’s all about the money’ big pharma companies.

Confession time…I ‘thankfully’ (as a baby/child) wasn’t given most of the available vaccines, my mum (the matriarch) decided against it and I’m grateful for that.
As a child, I contracted and recovered from, Measles, Mumps, German Measles (Rubella) and Chicken pox.
Lois, is not sure which vaccines she was given when she was young but she wasn’t given the MMR, as Britain started to use it from 1988.
Sadly, we didn’t do any research on the MMR and like many others, we blindly followed the ‘that’s what you do as a parent’ mantra and got all of our children MMR vaccinated.
After now doing some research on the MMR and vaccines, we were horrified that we unknowingly put our children in the line of fire.
However, fortunately, by the Grace and Mercy of Yeshua, the probable fact that we were not MMR vaccinated ourselves and the probable good compatibility mix of ‘baby making’ genes between Lois and myself. We are grateful that none of our children (especially our sons) have been negatively affected by that vaccine.

In 1997 one of my ex-employers offered the annual flu vaccine and I stupidly took it.
It caused me to be off sick the following week, resulting in me nearly losing my job.
I didn’t do any research into the ingredients/composition of that vaccine, didn’t ask any questions about the providing/supplying company and paid the price for it.
Since then, I vowed only to take necessary safe vaccines, ‘after’ doing some thorough research.
Speaking of thorough research, have you done any concerning the anti-Covid vaccine and vaccines in general?
Or are you only listening to what the MM (mainstream media) are feeding you, which is mainly coming from the World Harm Organisation, Fauci and Gates?
Take a step back, have a serious look and you will notice that the one-sided information coming from the aforementioned organisations and people, are encouraging ‘fear’ among the masses.

The wise have learned, that when it comes to health and well being, additional reading (and watching) especially concerning what goes into your body, orally, via time-released pads/patches or via injections, is a must do.
Once you do that research, it helps to prevent you from being sucked into the fear vacuum that most have been, that along with having real faith and a relationship with God.
Obviously, there are many who are not afraid who have a relationship with Yeshua but there are also many who don’t subscribe to a belief in Him but due to doing their research, they have learned how to minimise the fear and have a balanced view concerning the push to have an anti-Covid vaccine.
It’s hard not to notice the fear among the people we know, as I’ve previously stated, in order to get the masses to accept the march and stages to implementing the NWO (new world order), they have to be coerced.
The weapon “they” are effectively using (to get the masses to do what they want) is the fear of death.

People can be divided into many groups and sub-groups concerning the anti-Covid vaccine.
You obviously have ‘the majority’ who are desperate and willing to take any vaccine, that they think will prevent them from contracting Covid and possibly dying.
There are probably more sub-groups in the minority, who will not be taking the anti-Covid vaccine.
For example, there are a sub-group of people who will not be taking the vaccine but they also don’t believe that Covid is real.
While I stand with them on their decision not to take the big pharma vaccines, I part company with them concerning their views on Covid being fictitious.

FSAC_Consider this
Image by Yaayaa Diallo,

People are dying of the virus, people have lost loved ones and while I understand that losing a loved one, can be enough to push people into a fear, I still don’t agree with living in or with that fear.
In my observations, individuals who are prone to fear or being fearful of the virus have a number of common traits:-

  • They have known health issues, a justifiable reason for Covid-caution.
  • They believe they could have underlying health issues, another justifiable reason for caution.
  • They may be senior citizens and afraid due to their age and health conditions.
  • They may be relatives of the very old and/or the very young and are afraid for them.
  • They have a natural mental disposition to live in fear or think the worst.
  • They listen and believe everything their politicians, so-called celebrities, religious leaders, the WHO and mainstream media tell them.
  • They have an inability or refuse to do their own research.
  • Also, although some may be religious, they lack real faith and don’t have a relationship with Yeshua, which would help them in resisting the fear and MM scaremongering.

Those of us who don’t adopt and walk around in fear (whether we have a belief in God or not) tend to be the opposite, even if there are existing health problems or seniority of age.
It is important for us to accept the truth and that is, it appears those in the fear category, outnumber those of us who are not and (as mentioned) those of us who will not take the vaccine are in the minority, obviously depending on the specific demographics and where we are geographically situated.

The main solution to counteracting the fear and naive willingness to take any vaccine, would be to do some research into vaccines and virus’.
Obviously, doing some thorough research will be enough for anyone to make an informed decision not to take a probable unsafe vaccine, you don’t need to have faith or a belief in our Creator, to hold that opinion.

However, having faith, belief and relationship with Yeshua, brings a deep sense of peace, security and boldness (in addition to the research) enabling those who are believers to easily resist/rebuff the WHO and MM fear-mongering.
To be frank, those who will not be taking the vaccine, who don’t believe in God, believe when you’re dead you’re dead.
Therefore they encourage others to live their life to the max, not to be a pawn or experiment for big pharma and to do-so, without the fear.
While those of us who will not be taking the vaccine, who have a relationship with God (not religion) also believe in living our lives without fear.
As the body is the temple of Yeshua, for true believers, we avoid being an experiment (test-bed), not allowing big pharma to harm us with dangerous unnecessary drugs or vaccines.
We are not afraid of dying, as we read and believe His word (AKA the Bible) and what it contains.

VPN (Virtual Private Networks)

Some governments and internet service providers have made agreements to not only block access to dangerous websites and websites which display filth; they have also decided to block sites displaying valuable information, which would be of use to the general public.
Also, some sites which are not completely blocked load slowly; the workaround is to install a VPN on all devices you use to connect to the internet.
There are many VPN providers available now but some of the best information concerning VPNs can be found on sites such as Rob Braxman Tech and Tom Spark Reviews

It’s important to remember.
Some sites can only be accessed in certain countries, if you can’t access a particular site, try switching the country server in your VPN, you would be surprised at what you find.

Doing some ‘Research’
We’ve known about Covid since November/December 2019.
Anti-Covid vaccines have been rolling out (in certain countries) since mid January 2021.

The truth about Vaccines website
Information about vaccines, including research into both good and bad vaccines, have been available on websites such as for a few years longer.

How about vaccine documentaries, have you watched any?

Must watch documentaries:-

Trace amounts

Vaxxed and Vaxxed 2

All 3 websites and the 3 documentaries provide the reader/viewer with a necessary information and knowledge, to understand the foundations of big pharma vaccines, why they were created and what’s in them.
Even watching a vet documentary such as ‘The Dog Doc’, featuring Dr Martin Goldstein, will give you a greater understanding of how vaccines work.

Please don’t be fooled into thinking that the sites and documentaries are only for those who live in America.
The websites and documentaries are applicable to those of us who live in the rest of the countries around the world.

Next – Consider this – The Vaccine (part 2 of 3)

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  1. This is the most anti scientific, idiotic article I’ve ever read.

    You don’t understand a thing about vaccines, believe conspiracy theories about them and are too stupid to realise you’re being conned.

    Your entire paragraph on the MMR vaccine and flu vaccine is inaccurate and shows your poor research.

    Instead of trusting those who have dedicated their lives to improving others quality of life, you believe those who have no understanding at all, and trust in a god there is no evidence for and is made to make you follow the powerful.

    • Normally I would enter into sensible discussion with someone leaving a comment.
      However, from the tone and content of your comment, you clearly:-
      * Have not ready ALL 3 parts of the post.
      * Have not seen any of the scientific based documentaries referred to in the post.
      * Have not visited the websites of the scientific experts who can confirm and give more insight.
      * Or probably not understood the science (if you have read parts 2 & 3) of what those experts are sharing.
      * It’s also evident that you are not coming from a neutral or open place, concerning spirituality and the existence of our creator.
      Your comment is very anti-Yeshua (anti-Christ) and therefore it would not be worth engaging in deeper conversation with you, if you have so much anger concerning God.
      Obviously what you believe or don’t believe is entirely your choice.

      I’m not really surprised, most people today do not slow down, take a ‘Selah moment’ and read entire articles and posts, especially when it challenges their theories/views/beliefs.
      Most will blindly follow what the MM, Govs, Monarchies and WHO say, especially concerning this Covid plandemic.
      You could have done what most do, read and not comment, especially if what you read affects you.

      In saying all that, thank you for taking the time to comment, no hard feelings from me concerning your point of view…I have prayed for you.
      Yeshua’s Blessings.

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