In the vaccine post, I mentioned the inconsistency of using lockdowns as means of keeping the people “safe”.
As I write this, many countries who decided to impose a pseudo (albeit loose) home imprisonment system, are coming out of lockdown.
Coincidentally (especially within seasonal countries) the end of lockdowns are occurring in Spring, coinciding with the fall of flu related virus’, more sunshine and more outdoor exercise and activities.
Which will also see a fall in so-called, Covid rates, not due to having lockdowns, more due to the seasonal changes which benefit our health and immune systems.

It would appear that some countries took pleasure in shutting their countries down, while others, chose a more measured approach, locking down certain sections of their towns, cities and states within their countries.
The brave (and arguably sensible) countries chose not to go into lockdown at all.
Some countries, even had police (and army) imposed curfews, forcing people indoors at specific times of the evening…An indication of things to come, world-wide?
As usual, with this plandemic, there are no concrete statistics which prove that lockdowns actually do anything to abate the spread of the virus and most (clued-up) individuals understand that the MM reporting of Covid related deaths are more likely to be deaths resulting in the individuals known or unknown health related issues, some of which, at some point, ‘may’ have contracted Covid.

No hard evidence and yet the lockdowns…Why?

Most would think, if there was a real and serious pandemic occurring, 99% of businesses and other services would be closed with only the emergency services being fully operational.
However, there’s been notable discrepancies which just don’t add up.
While many of the large businesses/organisations have been allowed to continue to operate, the majority of small and medium businesses have been ordered (forced) to close, with the threats of charges and arrests if the order is disobeyed.

One person on a TV show recently said, “If closing up the businesses means that if even one persons life is saved, then it’s worth it”.
While I understand the sentiments, it’s incorrect to believe that targeting certain sections of society (in forcing them to close) is helping, while allowing others (usually the 1-20 percent(ers) businesses) or government related services, to stay open.
Especially when you consider that people die every day, as well as the fact that the general flu virus takes many lives each year and countries do not ‘close down’ because of those fatalities.
Admittedly, there were some large chains which also had to cut back by closing branches and placing staff on furlough, however, they were obviously not affected as badly as the independent SMEs.

Targeting the small and medium independents

Lives should always mean more than profit but we have to be honest in the admittance of acknowledging the obvious contradictions as to why some are being targeted for closure, while others are allowed to stay open.
It may just be my personal observation, maybe it’s not only me, however, in my opinion the number of mergers and ‘buying out’ by the larger companies, continues at a rapid pace.
In many countries, there also appears to be a push to directly/indirectly drive SME independents, out of business, by imposing prolonged lockdowns.
There’s a funnelling affect going on in certain countries, leading people to wonder and ask, how are they supposed to generate finances for food, clothing, shelter and other bill payments, if they have to close down their businesses?
There are some governments who provide temporary relief for certain businesses, who fit a certain criteria, however, for the rest, it sadly leads to permanent closure.

Three stream funnelling

The funnelling appears to be happening on three levels.
The SME independents being closed, resulting in losing the benefits which they provided for those who owned and worked within them.
Benefits which include the ability to set your own hours, more flexible generation (depending on the business) of profit, the ability to control (within reason) staff employment and the ability to independently decided who does or does not need to wear a mask or take a vaccine, to enter their place of work.
With independent SME’s out of the way, people will now be pushed into 3 main streams for continual income/financial assistance.

  1. Working for one of the large “gate-keeper” national/international companies, owned by the 1-20%.
  2. Working for the government/state, especially in the areas of health service related work, transportation, the green economy, garbage collection & sanitisation etc.
  3. Having to depend on government/state benefits, in whichever form that takes.

New SMEs

It’s not impossible to set up a new business but it will be made extremely difficult to do so in certain countries.
Individuals or groups looking to do so, would need:-

  • A large amount of previously saved capital.
  • A compensation pay-out of some kind.
  • A lottery win.
  • Government funding/backing.
  • Loans, if you have a house or substantial collateral to loan against.
  • Investment from the 1-20%.
  • A received inheritance.

Banks have drastically reduced their business loan offerings, due to many now being considered, high risk.

lockdowns, the negatives

Obviously, people have to make a choice in how they both view (their perspective) and what they do (their actions), when presented with a situation.

  • Sadly, there have been an increased number of domestic abuse cases.
    We have heard and witnessed this occurring, with one of our ex-neighbours (back in England) who had the police called to their house more frequently over the lockdown.
  • Unemployment and being restricted with no means to get out of the house (for a change of scenery) has seen a rise in depression.
  • The possibilities for the suicide rates to increase.
  • The self-abuse, in the increasing numbers of those viewing porn, mainly out of boredom and having too much time for their minds to drift.
  • The lack of hope which can ensue, with the dangerous feeling of “what’s the point?” which can occur, especially amongst the young.
  • The dangerous rise of all forms of drug usage and drug abuse.
  • The isolation of people not being able to get together to socialise, to improve and maintain emotional and mental well-being.
  • The rise of anti-social behaviour, e.g. loud music being played late at night.
  • The rise of fear and a lack of trust of other individuals and the health service, looking at others as possible “Covid-carriers”.

lockdowns, the positives

It hasn’t all been negative, the lockdowns have provided a number of opportunities for people to find and implement some positive solutions as well as make some positive life changes.

  • Some people are workaholics to the point in which their family lives suffer.
    It is good to hear that many have used the lockdowns as a time to re-connect with spouses and children/parents.
  • New business ventures (especially online) have been started.
  • Old hobbies have been resurrected.
  • New hobbies/languages have been started.
  • Outstanding domestic DIY jobs are being completed.
  • People are getting more time to rest and contemplate their life choices and spiritual direction.
  • The search for truth has increased, more people doing online searches concerning Yeshua (Jesus) and His Word(the bible).
  • Time to work on health and fitness.
  • More time to read.
  • The realisation that home-schooling is ‘doable’.
  • Time to slow down and get in touch with relatives and friends.
  • The need to be flexible and to exercise some ingenuity in order to work from home.
  • The realisation that there is more to life than the pursuit of money and material possessions.
  • The increase in the utilisation of counselling and therapy services.
  • Pollution levels have been reduced and some parts of the planet (nature) has had opportunities to restore and replenish.
FSAC_Consider this
Image by Yaayaa Diallo,

A tale of two neighbouring countries in the motherland

There was recently information released concerning two countries, having similar GDP and similar economic growth, however, one of which had ‘arguably’ a slightly better employment related economy.
The news of the Plandemic and the leading of the world harm organisations modern-day Babylonian system caused the leadership of the (arguably) slightly better performing country to panic.
They followed the WHOs fear based directive and imposed multiple lockdowns which impacted on small and medium sized businesses, especially the farmers.
The other country, wisely, resisted the fear, not believing it to be substantiated on any clear hard facts, figures or evidence.
They kept their economy going, didn’t impose lockdowns while advising their citizens to continue with life as usual, looking after their health in the process.
Both countries obviously had Covid cases but no one could really give any clear figures as to who had more, or what the mortality rates were.
What is clear, is that one country is now suffering economically and their food supplies have been affected, while the other is operating as usual; it’s not surprising which is which.

Obviously more to it…

There is a sense of control, manipulation and blatant contradictions concerning lockdowns and it’s sad to see that many are accepting them as necessary.
lockdowns and social distancing are extremely questionable, especially when you listen to the arguments of the independent experts.
It’s obvious that the temporarily allowed powers that be and their puppets, feel that there are too many of us to control.
There will be more lockdowns and curfews, initially in certain countries (with the rest of the world following),  especially where they are eager to follow the WHO directives or countries in which the majority refuse to wear masks and take suspect vaccines.
Numbers have to be reduced (which they are working on) and they appear to have a need to place people in categories, keeping some people in certain countries, while making it even more difficult for others to move and stay in other countries.
There will be an employment shift of people, with the majority working for the 1-20%, a government sector business or on government/state benefits.
Where the masses can be easily controlled, all in preparation for the cashless society, the great reset, the NWO and the pending mark.


It’s good to see that many are aware, protesting and social media shares are a good way to get the attention of others.
However, as I repeatedly mention, as much as we can highlight and resist, they will get their reset and new way of doing things.
It’s up to us to get our real life insurance sorted out and to live accordingly, not accepting questionable vaccines and being ‘wide awake’ to see the pending mark in order to avoid it.
We have to, as it were, go down fighting (in the right way) remembering the importance of the type of fight we have to fight and not giving in to the intimidation and the universal, increasingly growing (take the vaccine and comply to the control) peer pressure, which they are encouraging and promoting.

Stay strong, stay spiritually awake and keep the faith.


Phil Gayle.
Watiwa Mtoto  wa Yeshua
G Man

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