Countries are not the problem, the God-given nature and food chain, of and within a country, are not a problem.
The man-made buildings and constructed infrastructure (in themselves) are not a problem, they are inanimate.
Consider this, countries only become a problem due to ‘people’.
If some, most or all of the people behave in objectionable ways, we have problems, especially if the leadership of a country are also objectionable and promote, or ignores that behaviour.
Admittedly, the climate (hot or cold) can be problem, depending on your preference; obviously, some like it hot, some like it cold and others in-between.
It’s a nonsensical statement to claim, “we hate a country”, for example, I personally have never claimed to hate Britain.
Obviously, we all have objections to certain peoples attitudes and it appears that there is roughly, a 50% split as to those who do, or do not, have complete satisfaction with the governments, presidents, prime minsters or monarchies of their countries.

At the end of 2019 an aggressive flu-type virus was released, with it’s alleged origins starting in Asia, specifically China.
It’s unclear as to the nationalities or ethnicities of the scientists involved, however; one thing we can all agree on, it was, yet again, caused by people, who were obviously inspired by the fallen ones.
Political parties should have emergency contingencies in order to help and protect their people but these contingencies never seem to be beneficial “for” everyone.
It’s obvious that Covid is real, however, no one can actually claim to know exactly how it affects the populations of the nations of the world, with conflicting figures and reports being shared by MM.

Those of us who read and believe the words of the Bible, have always known that a time of great change would eventually happen in the world.
That change, would result in the majority of the world leaders (presidents, prime ministers & monarchies) eventually coming together, to form a united front, behind a “charismatic” and seemingly miraculous leader.
With all opposing leaders being systematically “moved out of the way”…more on that later.

In reading some of the prophets books and what Yeshua says to the prophets, especially in the book of Daniel.
What Yeshua says throughout the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John), what Paul (inspired by the Spirit of Yeshua) said in his letters, to some of the churches and what Yeshua tells the exiled disciple/apostle John, in the book of Revelations.
We were well warned and told how we should prepare ourselves for these times.
The problem with many of those who go under the identification banner of “Christian”, is that they thought/think it would be, generations away.
I didn’t suffer from that belief, since my born-again experience in 1993, I always had this deep ‘Yeshua inspired’ knowing, that, unless I was called home beforehand, I would be seeing these events roll out in my my lifetime.
And just as I thought, things are moving into place for the end time events…more on that later.

People have been moving/migrating for thousands of years, it’s nothing new, I’ve previously stated that our desire to move really deepened, in 2016.
We are not unique, others have felt similar to us and over the last decade, there has been an increase in people sharing their experiences of their moves on social media sites such as YouTube.
I believe that the ending of 2019 began to get the attention of the world and by 2020 that was exponentially increased, with many starting to look into moving, where it would be best for them.
Whether people understand it or not (are believers in Yeshua or not) those with an urge to move, those who should move, will find a way to move.
I can’t give a percentage, I may assume that the majority will remain in their countries of birth, then again, only Yeshua really knows.
My observations are that the various governments reactions and how they deal with Covid specifically, is playing a significant part in how people are viewing life and the current unfolding events.
Also, with some countries, with the pretence of wanting to “contain the spread” are seemingly wanting to contain it’s citizens and prevent them from travelling/leaving.
The wise have been asking themselves and Adonai…Why?

Consider this, Yeshua’s people and those who will soon be His people (Black, Brown, Cream & White) all have some serious decisions to make and they must make them soon.
His people (if they haven’t already done so) need to seek Him for His direction for them personally.
Many questions need to be asked but in this specific example, we need to ask the following.
“Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach, where do you want me to be in these last days?”
After asking the question, we need to open our ears and listen spiritually and naturally, for the answer. If you believe when you ask Adonai the question, you will receive your answer.

FSAC_Consider this
Image by Yaayaa Diallo,

Throughout the history of the world there has always been dominant societies/nations, allowed to increase by Yeshua, for His “bigger picture” purpose, before He took them down.
Many of those societies/nations have created systems (usually inspired by the fallen ones) to dominate and subject the other nations around them, to conquer and possess.
Rome was one, among many other things, it introduced tax to the world and sadly, most of the nations have never looked back or implemented governance, which went back to a time before taxation.
Babylon was another nation, it was materially rich with a powerful monarchy and army.
Babylon was relentless in subduing the people around them, especially Yeshua’s people, who came under Babylonian rule due to their disobedience of the word and rebellion against the leadership of Yeshua.
Babylon introduced laws, rules and regulations which it expected all the people/nations it subdued, to follow, whether it opposed the beliefs of those people or not; sound familiar?
This is the reason why you hear many today identify and call out certain countries (including their rules concerning Covid) as, “Babylon” or “The Babylon system”.
Some ‘incorrectly’ call Europe (especially Britain) and America Babylon, I say incorrectly because Babylon isn’t necessary one or two specific geographical locations.
Modern day Babylon is becoming anywhere where they are setting up systems of control, while removing the rights of people to object.
Systems which:- Separate people (social distancing), promoting fear and suspicion, especially via MM, the enforcement of mask wearing, the eminent enforcement of mass vaccinations, the propaganda to vilify or ridicule those who question and don’t blindly follow government rules, the constant unnecessary lock-downs, the decimation of independent small businesses, the pushing of people into dependency to work via the “gate-keeper” companies (those owned by the ‘1 percent’), the dependency to have state/Gov based work or a dependency on state benefits, the turning of schools into places to gather and test the young, the eventual dependency in only being able to live via governments and big pharmaceutical companies multiple vaccines and more…
Anywhere on this planet, whether the leadership is Black, Brown, Cream or White.
Anywhere where the countries are implementing the infrastructure for the above to be implemented.
Anywhere who follow the World Harm Organisations lead and have Gate’s compliments and back slaps, are part of the modern day Babylon system.

Unfortunately, Britain does and continues to demonstrate that it’s part of the modern day Babylon system and as I said, there are many non-White led countries who are following ‘Master Britain’ in being part of the Babylon system, especially the ‘physically’ ex-colonised countries/islands.
If you take a step back from the MM propaganda, open your eyes and really look at what’s going on, you can see the truth.
Of course, everyone wants to be well, healthy and disease free but you have to ask yourself, is the way in which these countries are going about it, really to protect it’s citizens or is it to prepare the masses for something more?
The Babylon system needs to coerce, not force and one of the best methods of implementation of their objectives, seemingly, is to use the fear of death, as a motivator for state obedience.
Admittedly, it’s easy to see why many call Britain and the USA, Babylon, as they (along with a few other countries) appear to be racing to be the first in line.
They want to be the leaders to bring about that new way, the great reset, the new world order, which as I said, will eventually unite behind one leader.

Some live in countries where the presidents, prime ministers, politicians and ruling parties change but the situations concerning their people, never appear to change.
It’s obvious that their lives do not matter.
Every leader claims to be bringing in a difference but they never do.
Ground level xenophobia (from the people of differing ethnicities) never seems to change, however, education helps to reduce it, if individuals are willing to be educated.
Institutional xenophobia still exists with the hypocrisy and lies which is attached.
If you live in a situation like that and you look back over the history of your country, if the changes haven’t happened in the last 50+ years, they sadly, probably never will…maybe it’s time for you to Exodus.
Seek and see what Adonai Yeshua has to say to you about it, should you continue to live a life of protest against stubborn human spirits with mental illness who embrace xenophobia being led by the enemies of the human race, or should you go somewhere where you are not constantly on alert, due to the colour of your skin?

A solution would be to do your research, have a look at what is going on in other parts of the world.
Look for countries/leaders who are being vilified or ridiculed for “not following the rules”.
It’s those geographical locations, which will have the leaders who are called, for example, dictators. Countries who’s leaders are strong in their resistance to the aforementioned systems of control.
If you feel you need to be free to do certain things/work, you should be looking at obviously (after guidance and research) to move to another country.

It will happen

Covid is everywhere, so to are hundreds (if not thousands) of other virus’, some of which will kill.
We can’t live our life in fear, listening to every scare story, if we do, we will allow ourselves to be disposable experiments for whatever “they” have planned.
Yes, while I agree that, as it is written, so will it be, namely, the whole world will be subjected to the modern day Babylon system of control and subjection.
I will also add, while this is true, some are called to stay in the NWO leader countries, while others have to get out of the SOS and get on with what we are called to do, in a more free (less restrictive) environment, while we still can.
We can’t delay the inevitable, what is written is written, however, if you’re shown, you can move to a place where we can be more effective, that’s what we believe we have done.

With the aim to do all that Yeshua requires us to do, until we no longer can do so.

Obviously many countries and their leadership, have forgotten the truth about the earth.
For both good and bad reasons they have implemented policies to create red tape, restrictions and difficulties for those looking to move.
In this world, there are and will always be obstacles to overcome, especially if you want to be a constructive citizen without the mass finance to seemingly, buy your way into places.
However, were Yeshua sends you, He provides and we His people, need to learn how to ‘faith-walk’ to trust Him implicitly, in order to fulfil our purpose in these last days.

We have some of those difficulties to contend with, as I said in a previous post, it’s home before our real home, therefore we are in no position to feel smug or believe our work is done.
Also, we still have loved ones in Britain, whom we miss and we obviously would prefer them to be with us.
However, we must never want for others, what Adonai does not want for them, everyone has their own path and journey to navigate.

Whatever the geographical location, Yeshua EL Shaddai, is able to look after all His people and those soon to be His people.
Be they Black, Brown, Cream & White, I have no doubt, if we all hold out against taking the pre-cursor and obviously the subsequent mark, we will be marked for Him and safe against the judgement, second death and the lake.

God Bless.

Phil Gayle
Watiwa Mtoto wa Yeshua
G Man

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