As you read this I pray you are well, breathing easy, jab free and looking after your immune system.
When I send out emails and text messages to certain people, I usually start my messages with the above sentence, or words to that affect.
Most are aware that SM (social media) platforms owned by the 1-20%, have an allegiance to following the MM (mainstream media) and Govs (governments) directives.
Hence the reason for the censoring of information and censorship of individuals, who are sharing unbiased information, which do not follow those directives.
As I write this post, it’s day 3 of my Twitter ( @mtotowayeshua) ban.
* Did I troll anyone?
No, I don’t believe in doing to others, what I wouldn’t want done to myself.
* Did I Tweet anti non-Black Xenophobic messages?
No, I’m a true believer, we don’t hate others based on their colour, nationality or ethnicity.
* Did I Tweet misogynistic messages?
No, as above, besides I love women, that’s not in my character.
* Did I Tweet anti-political, politician or Gov messages?
No, I don’t get involved in the religion of politics, as I believe they are all working towards the same objectives and those who are not, usually end up dead.
* Did I Tweet porn or any other filth?
Hell no, I’m doing what I can to look after my soul.
* Did I slam or attack perversity or alternative lifestyles?
No, attacking others is counter-productive, I would rather highlight error while positively promoting truths.

I think you know where I’m going with this.
If you take a good look on Twitter, you will see there are those who are guilty of doing the above (and more) and their accounts are still live.

Just truths…
I’m not into religion but I post tweets concerning Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach (aka God) and having a relationship with Him.
Admittedly, the “initially” spiritually uneducated, do not understand that, they tend to (incorrectly) think it’s all the same and have usually been deceived into believing in polytheism.
Part of my work, is to teach that religion and relationship are most definitely not the same, hence my #iarnr​ tag which I use, meaning, ‘It’s about relationship not religion’.
Hopefully, by the end of them reading my Blog posts/tweets, interacting with me and others like me, they will understand and start their journey to being fully ‘awake’.

I also believe in doing balanced research, hence my continual reference to ‘search it’ and not ‘goo it’ using what are probably the best independent search engines out there and
In addition to receiving all non-censored information, you also have the benefits of them not storing your search results, tracking your location or logging the devices you use.

So I tweet about the above, as well as relationship goals and principles, which work for the men and women who apply them.

I have been restricted in the past but Twitter has usually unlocked my account within a few hours.
This time around, I believe my ban was because of a rhetorical question I placed in response to another Tweeters question.
Admittedly, I missed out the word ‘If’ in my Tweet, nevertheless it was a question/statement that I made to cause readers to think about the current Plandemic and that was seemingly enough to get me, a now 3-day plus ban.
Thinking more about it, it was probably due to the amount of times it was re-tweeted, the views and likes it received.

Will I return to Twitter?
I don’t know, but I do know that ‘they’ frown on anyone gaining traction from statements which do not follow the MM and Govs propaganda.
This plandemic and it being instrumental in bringing about their:-
NWO, New World Order
TGR, The Great Reset
BBB, Build Back Better
It is really a big thing for the Gov puppets, in order for them to carry out the bidding of the TAP (Temporary Allowed Powers) that be.

They promote their science-fiction (they have the loudest voices) and the masses believe them, as they are all afraid to die and believe they can stave off death by following the fear based science-fiction.
Meanwhile, those who share the science-fact and those truths, are vilified, ridiculed, accused of not loving others or wanting to kill others, all because they refuse to be fearfully sucked in.
The irony is, in my network, I don’t have just under 4 million, I don’t have just under 400,000, I don’t have just under 4,000, I have under 400 and yet, they felt it necessary to put me on the naughty, time-out step.

FSAC_Your voice

Speaking of science-fact, have you seen the following videos?
Those who are ‘awake’ to what’s going on have been sharing, please watch them all and share them with all those you care about.

Science ‘facts’ not fiction, a Doctor explains…(Banned on Vimeo & YouTube)

The Dirty Truth, MIS-C

You decide

Face masks

We do not and we encourage those who live with us, not to, however, it’s entirely up to others if they choose to wear them.
What really annoys me (at times) is the look you receive from many who do wear them.
It should universally be the choice of an individual, not mandatory or compulsory for everyone.

Another science-fact video (by real doctors & scientist) can be found at the following.

The international crime against humanity

My family and I are busy at the moment but I will endeavour to share more this month, especially on this Blog.
Please do your research, ‘search it’ use Presearch or Brave and listen to both sides, before making serious decisions for yourself , your children or senior loved ones.
Until next time, take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Phil Gayle
Watiwa Mtoto wa Yeshua
G Man

Please share your thoughts.

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