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Have you been paying attention? And some website changes.


YouTube copy link BitChute copy link FSAC server copy link Thanks again for watching and visiting the site to read this corresponding post.I apologise for the slight technical oversight concerning positioning, I promise to be more ‘centred’ in the next…

July 1st Greetings, information for a download and an introduction to Mlezi


Thanks for watching.The first rainy season, for this year, actually ended at the end of May.The rain was needed and no matter where I am, I never complain about the weather. The download… Download The truth about water baptism document…

The marriage series – Money


When we were growing up, we were ‘incorrectly’ told that money was the root of all evil.As we grew and started to read and study the Bible for ourselves, we realised that the truth was, ‘the love’ of money, is…

For some


For some, it’s due to my gender, being comfortable with my masculinity and loving being the man which Yeshua created me to be. For some, it’s due to the colour of my skin, being proud to be a straight Black…

The marriage series – Parenting


I’ve always had an issue with people who mention that they are not ready for the ‘marriage thing’, while being comfortable with having a child or more, sometimes with more than one partner.We really do live in a reverse (seemingly…

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