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Title: The Unemployables
Genre: Non-Fiction
Format: Paperback
Association: None

Review: I’ve been working for others since I was 13, initially for my entrepreneurial mother.
My experiences have taken me from Retail, to Marketing and to I.T.
I have been blessed to be regularly identified (by the discerning manager or business owner) as a possible candidate for management, which has caused me to achieve promotions in most of the places I’ve worked.
I’ve always had was an ambitious spirit, which was never fully satisfied in the work environment.
The realisation of why that was, was highlighted in this excellent book by Chris Lewis.
It doesn’t go into great details on individual cases but gives you enough to know whether or not you are also someone who is supposed to run your own business and create employment for others.

I have been an entrepreneur in denial but finally accepted that truth in November 1998 and have not looked back.
I could ‘additionally’ work for a newspaper or magazine having my own column, or on TV/Radio, hosting my own show but ultimately, I’m an individual created to manage, lead and provide employment for others.
This is a book for anyone looking to answer that question…Should I run my own business?

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