Book reviews – The Principles And Power Of Vision

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Title: The Principles And Power of Vision
Genre: Non-Fiction
Format: Hardback
Association: I attended a seminar he spoke at, in London

Review: The death of Myles Munroe (as well as his wife and a few of his friends and family) in 2014, was not only tragic but also (in my opinion) questionable.
He was a believer, husband and father who served as a pastor and was also a leadership expert, who taught leaders (in governments and church organisations) how to lead.
This book is another one of my favourite “liberation literature” re-reads, in which Myles encourages the reader to look at one of the initial reasons why God created us…to work.
It also touches on the first reason, for “relationship” and encourages the reader to seek God (in relationship) to find out why they are specifically here and to put a plan in place to fulfil their God-given vision.
If you want more than religion, if you want to ignite your fire and passion, this is a book for you.

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