Book reviews – Bangladesh Diaries

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Title: Bangladesh Diaries
Genre: Non-Fiction
Format: Paperback
Association: School friend

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Review: The second book from an old school friend, Salam.
This book advertises his self-taught photographic skills as he takes a long awaited Journey back to his motherland (place of birth) Bangladesh.
It’s not all about fantastic colour and monochrome photography, it also contains reflective and insightful written commentary on his findings of Bangladesh and it’s contrast (as with most countries) of the rich and poor.
I attended an exhibition in which Salam show-cased his photography from the book as well as raising money for charity.
Although I’m not into religion (of any sort) I’m in support of charitable causes to help the poor, especially children.
The sales of this book also contributed to charitable donations, which was a win win for me.
The image doesn’t reflect the books actual size, it’s a 305 page book measuring at 30.5cm (12 inches) x 22.8cm (9 inches).

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