Book reviews – Anointed for business

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Title: Anointed for business
Genre: Non-Fiction
Format: Paperback
Association: None

One of my favourite books and (as with all non-fiction books) one which you could read multiple times and use for reference.
If you want a clear indication as to the relevance of faith and modern 21st century living, this is a book for you.
It enables those with a myopic ‘assembly’ or ‘organisation’ view to look more expansively at living as a modern believer in the world today.
Showing the reader how Yeshua can help individuals to use the gifts He has given us (whether we work for others or run our own business) to not only glorify Him but also help and assist our fellow human beings.
This is ‘liberation literature’ and once you read and understand it, your view-point will grow, from smaller assembly/organisation to larger ‘Kingdom’.
A must have book for all those who believe in Yeshua, believe our faith, gift and skills are to be shared and used in general society.

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