The one and only

Whatever your beliefs, whatever your views, however you think…
A belief in God doesn’t exclude people, it encourages to include.
People exercise their individual power of choice (mostly based on geographical, historical & cultural practices) to live their lives how they see fit.
Yeshua Adonai, the one and only.
As a loving father, God loves all his children, however, just like us natural parents, that doesn’t stop him from being both pleased and displeased with our words and behaviour.
Loving us doesn’t automatically imply being in agreement with, ‘all’ of our actions, especially when they bring physical or spiritual harm to self or others.
Also, whether we like it or not, (or believe it or not) a relationship takes two and there are enough documented instructions given to us, to teach us how we should behave (actions) to show that we love him.

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