Team #McCoco and

Team McCoco

Tennis and Football(Soccer), have always been sports I’ve enjoyed, both playing and watching.
My footballing days are well and truly over but I still love to get out and play tennis when I can.

I’ve been very impressed by the young American tennis duo at the 2019 US Open, Catherine McNally and Coco Gauff.
They did reasonably well on their singles run but what has been really impressive is their, as Catherine put it, “Chemistry” which has really shown in their doubles matches.
They have been ‘on fire’ in the doubles and their friendship, determination and joint will-to-win has been clear for all to see.
In a time when its obvious and evident, that the world (and especially America) ‘still’ in the 21st Century, has issues with FIJ and its resulting xenophobia and prejudice.
It’s refreshing to see the genuine friendship and bond between a White (European American) & Black (African American) and how well it’s working on court.

To me (being born in England in North London, but spending a lot of time in East London) is (and should be) no big deal and the norm.
I’ve always had friends from all nationalities (in origin) and of all colours, Black, Brown, Cream & White.
However, we would have to be wilfully blind and or stupid, not to realise and admit that, in this world, unity, love and respect is still lacking across ethnicity and colour.

I know they are not addressing the stark contrast between the financially and materially rich and the financially and materially poor, they are not creating desalination irrigation systems to bring water to barren or drought affected lands, or negotiating vital peace talks between the warmonger ignorant men of this world.
I know it’s only sport but we shouldn’t be so blasé concerning what (as they call themselves) “Team McCoco” are actually doing, in addition to trying to win matches and eventually the 2019 US Open Women’s Double title.
In watching them, I’m reminded in one of the things Barack Obama said, in one of his last speeches as President.
He referred to hoping that the younger generation will be instrumental in taking some serious strides in America, to appreciating and loving others, even if they do not share the same skin colour or historical continents of origin.

We have always taught our children (The Gayle 6) to treat people on an individual basis, not with negative sweeping generalisations, or using negative ignorant stereotypes, as it’s the intelligent thing to do.
When our youngest two ( aged 16 and 10) watch Team McCoco, they don’t see it as a big deal (and as I said earlier) nor should it be.
However, with FIJ still at large in America, it sadly is still a big deal and it is special, watching two friends (of differing colours) have each others backs and fight for each other.

Team McCoco

Team McCoco may not win the tournament, they have a very tough match coming up, however, I have been watching tennis since the late 1970s (esp. Wimbledon) and I can see something special about these two.
If they can keep the unity, maintain the desire, stick together, appreciate each others individual successes, keep away from ‘J’ealousy and stay injury free, they could become a dominant force in Women’s doubles for many years.
Well done McCoco, keep showing the American public (and the world) what is possible when you eliminate the FIJ and just have love and friendship for each other.

Gael Monfils and Elina Svitolina Image courtesy of the Instagram account.

While I’m on the #MixedLove topic, but looking at it from a romantic (not friendship) angle.

I’m happy that (Gael Monfils and Elina Svitolina) are back and going strong, it seems to be helping their tennis to improve.
I hope they both go as far as possible into the tournament.
Engagement soon…then marriage?? I hope so.

Enjoy Team McCoco and next matches and the rest of the US Open.

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