Single and constructively active

Keeping busy is one of the best ways to overcome boredom and for the young, keeping constructively busy, keeps them out of trouble.
We obviously also need down (me) time, as we have to take time to look after all aspects of our holistic health and well-being.

I have always made a conscious effort to keep a positive outlook on life, no matter what situations I find myself in.
Obviously my faith plays an important part of that, however, concerning the natural conditions of others, over the last few years, I’ve tried my best to avoid making myself feel better, by considering those in a worse conditions than myself.
I refrain from using the, “It could be worse, I could be like…” statement, which in my mind, is almost like making myself feel better by thinking about the misery of others.

Charity Work

Charity and volunteering
That being said, doing charity work, is a way to assist and help others (both in our own countries and abroad) and in doing so, the natural positive by-product is an improvement in our holistic health.
Obviously, anyone can get involved in charity work, however, I continually encourage single adults as they usually have more time on their hands, especially if they are not parents.

It’s not always about money
Financial donations are always helpful but we can also donate other natural resources and our most valuable of assets, our time and physical labour.
I’m not advocating that we let our governments off-the-hook, meaning they no longer have to do what they are paid to do, for example, finding viable solutions for the many social problems and providing funding for the necessary services.
However, there are many causes which need help, the governments are obviously not doing enough to assist and this is where the general public can help.
What do you feel strongly (passionately) about? That’s the area you should be looking at helping in.
Financial donations are at times only a quick fix, the best way to help others, is to assist them (where feasible) to help themselves, that way, they work their way out of their personal troubles and help to build their own communities.

Helping others helps ourselves
It’s not just about the benefits we receive from doing benevolent acts, its also about having additional places to meet other like-minded people with similar passions as ourselves.
Singles can meet at work, places of worship, sports clubs, family related events and other social events.
However, going the extra mile and doing regular charitable work for legitimate organisations, in one or more areas, obviously opens up the avenues and possibility of meeting more single people.
Also, having a set of clear objectives, goals and tasks to carry out, helps some to avoid the awkward silence which occurs at certain social events.

Changing your life perspective
Think outside the box, develop a deeper set of values, values which go beyond the stresses and strains of attempting to obtain more finances and material possessions.
Come out of your comfort zones and meet others outside of your usual circles.
If you’re not helping in a charity which uses phone help-lines to offer support and counselling, put your phone away and interact with others.
There’s a world of opportunities and needs out there and being part of the solution can help you to put life into perspective.
It will help to provide that ‘security’ in your walk as a singleton but also (as per my being single post) if you are open to having a relationship, you open up greater opportunities and possibilities of meeting your future life partner.

Phil Gayle
G Man

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