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Reflecting on life (and death) enables me to dig deep in my gratitude tank and pull out all the thanks and praise to He who is worthy of it.
You will never hear me refer to anyone (who has to eat and use the bathroom just like me) as ‘his excellency’, ‘your royal highness’, ‘your majesty’ or the ‘right honourable’.
My knees are for the one true God (Father of All spirits) and the words above belong to Him, when I use them in my prayer closet or communal group prayer.
Obviously, I exercise Adonai’s principle with regards to how I treat others and many times the exercising of forgiveness, is a must, to remain ‘in love’ with certain people.

My sister and I were talking yesterday and reasoning on the Word (as we do) and she quiet rightly pointed out that “YVWH” ‘is’ The Only Wise God (Alpha & Omega and Great I am).
However, as all true believers know, under His new covenant (agreement) with us, His ‘name’ is “Yeshua” (later translated into Greek as Jesus) which means God (YVWH) is our Salvation.
The power in His name is confirmed and rubber stamped by both Peter and Paul the apostles.
Acts chapter 2 verses 37 -39, Acts chapter 4 verses 11-12 and the Letter to the Colossian church chapter 3 verse 17.

Yeshua the one and only
We both agreed that there is something a little suspect about individuals who claim to be believers and yet are seemingly uncomfortable (for whatever reason) to use the ‘name’ Yeshua (aka Jesus).
However, everyone needs to answer to Yeshua for themselves, all I know is, He is ‘One’ there is only one throne and it is He who is coming back to judge the living and the dead.

Today marks my 28th year (to the day) as a born again believer, the major of 4 days, in which I usually get deep in thought on.
The second being my birthday, the 3rd being my wedding anniversary and the 4th (although probably not regarded by religious folk) the day that Lois and I got together.
By the Grace and Mercy of Yeshua,  this year marks 30 years with my partner, 28 years Baptised and 27 years Married and I give Yeshua thanks for being merciful in the early stages of our relationship.

Many don’t see a need to repent, ask for forgives, ask Yeshua to be their Adonai and saviour or get baptised (full immersion) not the sprinkling of water on their head.
Some feel justified in the fact that Yeshua will wink at their sin, in order to use them to help those heading for disaster, believing that they are right with Him, due to Him using them and feeling they didn’t/don’t have to do much to be saved.
While others, like me, understand that we were dirty sinners (whether we acknowledge or not, are used or not) and in need of salvation.
I’ve spoken often about my background, born to unmarried teens, (incorrectly) baptised (sprinkling of water on my head) as a baby, seeing single parenting, brought up with confused & contradictory religious teachings, being up front with people, while sitting on the fence (after reading the word) and lying to myself and Yeshua, that my actions were not so bad.
Desiring to be in a loving long-term relationship (not necessarily marriage) which led me to commit to someone with Xenophobic parents, leaving one multiple orgasmic sexual relationship to form another, with my now wife.
Still living in disobedience to Yeshua’s word, in my early twenties, focusing on Sex and pleasing my partner within multiple sexual situations, whilst taking pride that I could assist her to have multiple orgasms, as I did with my previous partner. Enjoying sex without the framework and sanctification of holy matrimony, aka marriage .
All while saying I believe in Yeshua and will eventually get saved, as long as I could figure out how to compartmentalise and handle my love of sex and physical pleasure.
When I look back sometimes I cringe, I can see how wrong I was and how I needed to ‘get off the fence’, make the move I made and I don’t regret it one bit.
However, remembering how far Yeshua has brought me, fills me with love, patience and compassion for others, especially for those who truly want to change and allow Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach to be their Lord and saviour.

As with most people, there have been highs and some serious lows, which will be openly and honestly shared in the book.
However, I would like to encourage anyone struggling with their faith-walk, if Yeshua can get me over spiritual juvenile bumps and assist me to strengthen my temperance (self-control), even after baptism, he can most definitely do it for you.

There will always be those who want to hold you back, referring to your past self, in my case, my 22year young self back in 1992, however, you don’t owe them your life or Salvation.
Focus on He who put flesh on and became the ultimate sacrifice to redeem you back to Himself.
Growth happens in any positive relationship and you will grow in Relationship (not religion) with Yeshua.
I’m so not the person I was even back a few years ago and I refuse to reduce what Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach has done in my life, to become of little or no consequence and neither should you.

When you know Him and have a personal relationship with Him, it will show in your fruit (actions).
I still stand by what I said, in ‘
I decided’ I still believe that life and death has purpose and seasons and I hope and pray that others (especially younger adults) understand and come to terms with what are ‘true riches’.
You (as I have) have to embrace and hold onto what Yeshua has told you about yourself, it’s faith.
It’s only arrogance if you have a negative pride, in which you set yourself up above others, putting them down.
Admittedly, there will always be those who accuse you of that very same thing, as their insecurities cause them to incorrectly judge you.
As long as you are at peace with Adonai, you will be able to weather the storms of incorrect judgement.

May you have a wonderful and Blessed week.
In the name of Yeshua El Shaddai, I pray.

Amani! 🙏🏿

Watiwa Mtoto wa Yeshua
(AKA Phil Gayle)

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