Times and Seasons Life and Death 3


Hello. Related posts…Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 2 Update Part of the circle of life, includes the sadness and devastating trauma of death.Losing a loved one affects people in different ways.Some shut down, some shut themselves away, some…

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The changing meaning of friendship


Greetings readers. I know I’ve previously written a ‘short’ about friends and family but I would like to delve a little deeper into friendship.Whether we care to admit it or not, our views on friendships begin from our own experiences…

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Know the enemy


Greetings (Salamu).I hope you are well and looking after yourself holistically.Regular visitors know, I share because I care, I’m an expressive communicator, who believes that we can do one of two things, with our universal experiences.Selfishly attempt to keep them…

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Women only


Greetings ladies.I hope you are well.I know women can be inquisitive and ‘usually’ read more than men; which would mean, you may have already read my ‘Just for men’ post.As with the men on SM, especially Twitter, it’s my observation…

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Just for men


Greetings men.SM can be frustrating at times because I see so many cries for help from men, especially on Twitter.Some are direct and honest tweets but the rest are hidden within both the outrageous and the supposedly “funny” tweets.I also…

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Relationship vs Religion – The comparisons


Greetings dear readers.This post was originally intended to be the last part of part 3.Due to the length of the post (and series) I emotionally wrestled with continuing to lengthen part 3, or create an additional post.Obviously, after trusting and…

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Relationship vs Religion – Part 3 of 3


Welcome.I hope and pray you are well.This is the final part of my ‘Religious expose’ series “Relationship vs Religion”.It’s another post which requires the reader to make some time for.If you haven’t already done so, please read Part 1 and…

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