The failure of the ‘type’


Human beings can be both fascinating and frustrating in equal measure, most are able to exercise our rights of ‘choice’, sometimes to our own detriment.On one hand, we have an ability to learn from mistakes, however, on the other, some…

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Never alone


The holiday season is a time when most slow down and begin to think about spending some quality time with friends and family.Life isn’t all about work and this may come as a shock to some…work and earning money is…

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You know you’re ready


So you’re single and secure, you don’t have any baggage, you refuse to settle, you utilise your time constructively, you’re holistically developing yourself, you’ve acknowledged that you are in the 2nd state of being single, you have an understanding of…

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The Quotient-Quadrant


Many have heard about IQ and over recent years there has been a greater emphasis placed on EQ.However, as human beings, we have more to us, we have a full quotient-quadrant which also comprises of the SQ and PQ.In order…

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Single and constructively active


Keeping busy is one of the best ways to overcome boredom and for the young, keeping constructively busy, keeps them out of trouble.We obviously also need down (me) time, as we have to take time to look after all aspects…

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Don’t Settle


We go through life with differing attitudes, our expectations can be positive, negative or a combination of both, depending on our past experiences, emotional/spiritual state and how we choose to deal with others.The saying “misery loves company”, is true, therefore…

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Natural beauty and other aesthetics


Being unique individuals automatically equates to us being diverse in our tastes and opinions.The sometimes emotive but always subjective, topic of “beauty” ranks high on the list of personal taste and opinion.Our character, nature, how we view life and treat…

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