October 2019, BHM, Greta, XR, POTUS and countdown to Brexit?

October was an interesting month.
Mainstream media was lapping up the polarising comments and (obviously parental assisted) mission of Greta Thunberg.
There was the both annoying and disruptive, ‘coming out’ of those (with more money and time on their hands, than sense) XR Cult members, a.k.a. Extinction Rebellion.
The continual 2-Party US political war, continues, as America vehemently fights to keep and depose the POTUS, in equal measure.
The main news story in the UK (as my previous political piece stated) has been the countdown to Brexit.
It’s the weekend after the ‘democratically elected’ exit of Britain from the EU and well, it still hasn’t happened.
We are now being told that a general election is imminent…more on that (along with the environmental issues) in later posts.

Yes, last month was very interesting, especially looking at the parallel coverage (of the above topics) on my SMP (Social Media Platform) of choice, Twitter.
It was also supposed to be BHM (Black History Month) and whilst the MM (Mainstream Media) broadcasted their usual, late night documentaries (i.e. unsociable hours TV) on the BBC in particular.
It was also extremely interesting to read the pro and anti Tweets of BHM, especially after the current UK PM (or number 10 employee) posted this tweet.

BHM Boris Tweet - Click for larger image
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Admittedly, I’m not averse to contacting MPs, in the past I wrote a public letter to the ex leader of the Lib Dems, encouraging him to stand on the convictions of his beliefs, in response to the blatant hounding (harassment) of the UK MM, concerning his faith.

So I Tweeted a response to this BHM tweet, in which I stated that it shouldn’t be a ‘niche annual event’, I think that it should be scrapped and I’ll explain my rationale behind my thinking.
It’s said that history can be biased in favour of those who ‘control the narrative’, however, there are enough written, illustrated and oral, historical accounts, which, if collated, agreed and unified, could paint a ‘truer’ picture of the history of the world.

Those who are affected by Xenophobia and Prejudice, in their ignorance, also disagree with having BHM but for obvious differing reasons.
I understand that placing an emphasis on one particular month out of 12 is kind of patronising and condescending, whilst they see it as another attempt to be marginalised or made to feel guilty (depending on what’s been taught in BHM).
In my response Tweet, I went on to say that educational syllabus in this country should be torn up and that the government should consult historians such as Akala and David Olusoga (mentioned in my Brexit post) in order to create a more balanced and ‘truer’ historical syllabus, which can be taught from primary schools up to university.
That ‘truer’ depiction of history showing balance ‘warts and all’ should also be reflected in the programmes shown on the TV, at times appropriate for the viewing audience, this would also help to educate and eradicate ignorance, one of the root causes of Xenophobia and Prejudice.
If taught all year round, there would be no need to have a specific month and no need to make anyone feel alienated.

This could be true for all, not just here in the UK, imagine history being taught with equity and truth in the rest of Europe, America, Canada, South Africa, Australia & New Zealand as well as the rest of the world.
The arrogance shown by some, who look down on other ethnic groups or nationalities, would be greatly reduced.
Education, good fair honest education would help to eliminate, the fear and ignorance of the unknown.
Historical truths which highlight positive accomplishments and negative atrocities equally, inclusive of all ethnicities, would go a long way into helping to establish more understanding and harmony.

So I say no to BHM, yes to consulting knowledgeable historians, yes to teaching history more inclusively and yes to having balanced and honest historical TV shows and movies all year round, thereby celebrating positive achievements by all.
If History was originally ‘correctly’ taught, there would be no need to have a little ‘here you go’ appeasement month, every year.

Oh and just to inform you, I didn’t receive a response to either correspondence (open letter or tweet).

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