I couldn’t

Taking a short break from the books, if you enjoyed ‘I decided’ I hope you enjoy this…
I couldn't
I couldn’t, being born and raised in England, hate White people.
I couldn’t, having a Black mother and wife, hate Black women.
I couldn’t, loving my mother, wife and 3 daughters, be a misogynist.
I couldn’t, share and give parenting advice, if I wasn’t a parent with experience, myself.
I couldn’t, pretend not to know what a young man needs, as I was brought up by a single mother and I have 3 sons.
I couldn’t, disassociate myself from the younger generation, being a parent who still has a couple of teen young adults and a pre-teen child.
I couldn’t, decide to emigrate to another country and not learn the language, love the people & laws of that country.
I couldn’t, say I was a believer and not respect the laws for order, safety and peace, especially when they are based on the 10 Commandments.
I couldn’t, look at the world, knowing about it’s Genesis point and not consider myself a citizen of it.
I couldn’t, call myself a true believer in Yeshua Adonai and hate others, due to the colour of their skin or language they speak.
I couldn’t, counsel or write about relationships, marriage and sex, if I didn’t have the experiences I have and completed the research I’ve done.
I couldn’t, talk to others about materially scaling back and sacrifice, if I haven’t had to live that way myself, as I have, for a very long time.
I couldn’t, recommend loneliness and being an island, when I have a few great friends.
I couldn’t, really encourage others to push deeper in their spiritual development with prayer and fasting, if I didn’t do it myself, especially after doing a continuous 40-day fast.
I couldn’t, in all honesty, say I love and care for others, while selfishly withholding all the knowledge, experience and skills I have acquired and been given, to help others.
I couldn’t, live life without love and laughter, Solomon was correct, laughter is great medicine.
Above all…I couldn’t, without…Galatians Chapter 2 verse 20 and Philippians Chapter 4 verse 13, being integral ‘Truths’ in my life.

Much Love.

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