Friendship first


Greetings reader.I hope you are well. Lois and I recently watched an Amazon Prime show ‘The one who got away’.As with all these relationship reality TV shows, it was edited/scripted more for the entertainment value, rather than a sincere desire to assist the participants, with the relationship decision making process.Also, as with most contemporary TV … Read more

Times and Seasons Life and Death 3

Four Seasons

Hello. Related posts…Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 2 Update Part of the circle of life, includes the sadness and devastating trauma of death.Losing a loved one affects people in different ways.Some shut down, some shut themselves away, some use the drug of alcohol in an attempt to numb the pain, some walk around … Read more

The case of


Hi, I hope all is well with you and your loved ones.I’ve been thinking a lot about people, as I do, about what motivates someone to visit a website, slow down to read the information and (if able to) leave a comment.The word which comes to mind is ‘interest’, where people are interested, they will … Read more

Only ‘you’ my Love…

Beautiful Sunrise

Taking a ‘selah’ moment to meditate on and share these truths. You created humankind from the fertile soil of the earth & a rib bone, with intelligent design.You gave us instructions, which we repeatedly ignore.You’ve repeatedly exercised the fruit of your Spirit, concerning us.You told the elders & prophets that you would do the miraculous … Read more

One year on


One year on and it still feels fresh, special and peaceful.Living without the ‘false comfort’ of certain worldly securities, while knowing with a firm certainty, that Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach has got me and mine…and is my ultimate security. One year on and what I said to my family has happened.It was never going to be … Read more

Prepare to go through

FSAC_Going through

A champion athlete, trains to go further than the other athletes.Their training regime consists of pushing themselves to their limits and then a little further, each session.To be a champion they quickly learn that murmuring and complaining doesn’t help their cause.They learn that the mental aspects of their sport, are as important as the physical … Read more

My response to a Tweet concerning Ethnicity, Xenophobia and Prejudice


The featured image on this short post, is a screenshot from a Tweet from a friend on Twitter.I’m not sure if that friend has actually read and fully understood my question in my previous post, concerning Whoopi Goldberg, however, this particular friend is a rare gem, as they are one of the few people in … Read more

Mind your language.


I would really like to be able to speak any language I need to, in any country I find myself living in.I know, it’s a big dream and not easy but some find it easier than others.A Sicilian friend speaks 3 languages and teaches Spanish (not Italian), an English school friend I teaches French and … Read more

The right safari still contains bumps and obstacles


Salamu na karibu.Greetings and welcome.I hope you are well and looking after your immune system and general health. The background for this post can be found in my posts Exodus to the motherland and Geographical locations.It’s seven months to the day, when the rest of us (barring one) joined up with the three members of … Read more