For Singles and Couples

For Singles and Couples

A naturally gifted listener, observer and giver of good sound advice. Husband of one and father of eight. Join this Blogger and writer, exploring the complexities of relationships and more. Blogging and writing since 2005.

We’re online, circumventing website blocks


YouTube copy link BitChute Copy link FSAC Server copy link Background music:- So fly (instrumental) – Jahzy VPN’s are a great service, especially when the companies offering that service, respect their customers’ privacy, keeping usage logs etc. to a minimum,…

Have you been paying attention? And some website changes.


YouTube copy link BitChute copy link FSAC server copy link Thanks again for watching and visiting the site to read this corresponding post.I apologise for the slight technical oversight concerning positioning, I promise to be more ‘centred’ in the next…

Thank you for the condolences and tributes for our mother, as well as a brief look into family and friend dynamics.


BitChute copy link Background music credits:-Anything too hard – Samuel Medas| The Blessed of God – Nolly | Blessings – Marizu Asha Elia & Rehmahz | Blessy – Epsitle Project | Centre – R – Scar | Every Day |…

Always keeping things real…real talk


Welcome and thank you for visiting.I’ve been working on this project since 2012, but I have been writing online since 2005.I’m still moved with genuine appreciation, when I see the website visitor stats and even more so, when I receive…

July 1st Greetings, information for a download and an introduction to Mlezi


Thanks for watching.The first rainy season, for this year, actually ended at the end of May.The rain was needed and no matter where I am, I never complain about the weather. The download… Download The truth about water baptism document…

The marriage series – Personal thoughts shared publicly


I had a few people wanting to discuss certain aspects of the marriage series when I was in my meditation and planning process.As with most of the things I write about, I tend not to want to discuss specific aspects,…

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