Amalgamation…It was inevitable

What’s that saying?… “If you want a different result (outcome), you have to do things different”…That’s what I’m having to do in order to progress and get things done.
For a number of reasons, I’ve been trying to separate my writing over various platforms but have failed to gain and maintain the necessary and desired traction.
I stopped using some of the other social media platforms a while ago and narrowed my usage but things were still not ‘clicking’ into place, the way I would like them to.

I suppose I held onto an incorrect view of being able to separate activities into specific groups, for example:- Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical (natural).
However, the truth is, whether we believe or acknowledge it or not, all of our physical (natural) activities and actions have an initial premise, they have a spiritual and emotional foundation.
Taking that truth into consideration, it is hard for me to continue to ignore, there are a lot of ‘cross-over’ in the life-issues I write about, especially in the area of relationships.

It’s never an objective to alienate, however, in order to be true to myself (and to be more productive) I have to bring all platforms and topics together.
I’ve thought about it for a while, I know I provoke mixed thoughts and feelings, whether I write under my name (Phil Gayle) or my nick-name (G Man).
My intentions are still the same, initially to write for those who speak English but eventually to be translated into other languages.

The other demographics remain the same, to write for mature teens and adults of all ages, irrespective of gender, nationality, ethnicity or skin colour.
I’m not ignoring the many life and family values out there, or belief systems, all are welcome to come and participate in intelligent conversation.
However, in saying that, I realise, whilst I try to relate to as many people as possible, it would be impossible to please everyone.
I’ve made peace with the fact that my views will not only gain friends, they will also create enemies, its just a fact of life, especially when you lift a banner which states clearly what you believe and stand for.

The writings coming over from IARNR (Its About Relationship Not Religion) will provoke just as much contrast of feelings (if not more) than those pertaining to physical relationships which already make up FSAC (For Singles And Couples).
It would be foolish of me to expect those who subscribe/follow this site and Blog to read everything I write.
I obviously would be honoured and feel a great deal of appreciation (if that were the case) but the reality is, the majority probably wont.
As with all my posts, the posts from that Blog and Twitter will be clearly categorised with IARNR and will carry the hashtags #iarnr and #TheChosenFew.

Ultimately, those who find me and stick around are those who are passionate, those who love to read, those who can focus and extend their cerebral powers to concentrate for over 30 mins.
If it interests you, please read it, if your passionate about the topic, please contribute and share, whether you agree with me or not.

Your initial perception of me, will be down to the life experiences you have had and how you’ve allowed them to shape what you believe and how you think.
The more you read the more you will get to know what I’m about and how I view life and the issues which affect all of us.
I’m obviously happy with those who take the time to understand but equally I’ve had enough time to make peace with the fact that I will also be misunderstood, that’s also part of life and interacting with others…
I don’t want to censor anyone’s point of view but I do ask that you share, without using profanities.

So the amalgamation continues, please remember to subscribe and follow.

Phil G
G Man

Please share your thoughts.

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