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I’ve been working on this project since 2012, but I have been writing online since 2005.
I’m still moved with genuine appreciation, when I see the website visitor stats and even more so, when I receive those precious comments.
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Today, in my morning conversation (aka prayer) with our creator… His Holiness, His Majesty, His Excellency, His Royal Supreme Highness, The Heavenly Father and Only Wise God…our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
One of my requests I made, was to make more genuine connections, with ‘my people’.
Male and female, Black, Brown, Cream or White, young, old and in-between, single or married.

Being a ‘polarising’ personality, you either like me or dislike me.
Anyone referring to me as being ‘OK’ is someone who doesn’t really know me.
Someone who prefers not to take the time to sit and ‘break bread’ with me, refusing to ‘chop it up’ and have real, ‘honest to Jesus’ life-issues conversations with me.

It’s amazing how many have become so unwilling to have mature conversations on the issues and topics which (although maybe seen as being subjective) really matter in life.
Where are those who are willing to hear/listen, as well as ‘tell it as it is’?
Where are those who don’t get butt-hurt the moment you ‘call them out’ or disagree with them?
Where are those who can accept differences of opinions but still make time to find ‘common ground’?
Where are those who are willing to tell you the truth, when they have a problem with you?
Where are those who defend you behind your back, as you defend them?
Where are those who are not snowflakes looking to ‘cancel, ghost, block and delete’ because they can’t deal with truth?
Where are those who are willing to ‘trust the process’ by exercising vulnerability as they talk about their real ‘feelings’ as well as their topical ‘opinions’ on something?
Where are those who are not always trying to ‘control the conversation’ or subtly/blatantly attempting to change the subject, because they feel uncomfortable?

We are all sensitive about something, some more than others.
However, part of growing up, involves putting our big boy and big girl pants on, having an ability to be able to listen/hear others, and speak openly and freely on what concerns us.
Even if we don’t agree on everything.

My foundation involves being honest.
I will continue to keep it real with honesty and truth, without being malicious, however, depending on the sensitivity levels of an individual, that could also be seen as subjective.
I cannot and will not allow gas-lighters, the passive-aggressive or one-sided aggressive, to manipulate me, into not keeping things 100% real.

IARNR_Religion to Relationship

With reference to the above image.
You may (or may not) be in the centre with me ‘yet’ but we are all going through a process.
Either to religiously stay somewhere within the Red, Blue & Green circles, or to change and move away from those things, towards being in the centre and relationship with Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach (our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ).
Those who have and ‘will’ move towards the centre, are my people, and I’m here for them.
Sometimes to offer free help & encouragement, sometimes to barter and exchange goods, services & ideas and other times to provide a paid service…well, a man has to eat and look after his family, doesn’t he?

I look forward to being tested, growing and enjoying the ‘already underway’ eventual divine appointments and connections, with ‘my people’.
Those who enjoy keeping it real and love real talk.

Wherever you are, be blessed and safe.

Much Love.

Phil Gayle.
G Man.

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Update and response.

I’ve decided to do something new.
Whenever I receive a response to a post (Blog or Vlog) via text or email, I will add the screenshot to the end of that post and depending on the response, I will add a short or in-depth reply.


Thank you very much for those kind and supportive words, N.


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