It’s the dawn of my earthday/birthday, in thinking about the current climate, it appears that the majority are drinking the ‘cool aid’ which is being served by the current ‘allowed’ powers that be.
Those who know, understand that we are witnessing the times that God foretold.
We all have to find a way to ‘live’ and deal with the positives and negatives of life, in the best possible way we can.
Obviously due to choice, a variety of beliefs and life values, the ‘best possible way’ will look different depending on where you are in life.

Judgements are allowed

God willing, if I’m graciously granted another day, I will see in my 50th year on planet earth.
Some have a problem with letting others know their age (obviously their prerogative) however, I exercise my right to think, have a theory and voice my opinion on that.
In my experience, I tend to find people who are reluctant to share their age, or think it’s unimportant, are usually those who are trying to avoid and are sensitive about being assessed by others.
That may be because, they are not satisfied with their life achievements/accomplishments, or maybe they feel they don’t look how they would like to, at their age.
I understand that, however, I think it’s contradictory to profess that age is just a number, while withholding your age from others.
People will always make assessments (judgements) concerning others, some of us try our best to limit our assessments of others and have found one of the easiest ways of doing so, is to assess ourselves first.
I haven’t accomplished all that I’ve set out to accomplish, however, I will continue to exercise faith and show tenacity.
While there is still time, I will try my very best to achieve those goals/my purpose, or die trying.

I’ve been told I look younger than my age and that’s nice, it’s an individuals personal perspective and they are entitled to it.
If others think I look older, that’s also fine, it’s their opinion and they are obviously allowed to have one.
It’s more important for me to maintain my health and fitness and continue to develop my quotient-quadrant to remain healthy and balanced for the age I am.

Maximum age limit

FSAC_True age timeline

I have a mentality concerning age, which may not be shared by everyone.
I stopped suffixing my age with ‘years old’ a while ago, I either state my age or (for now) suffix it with ‘years young’.
I’ve mentioned this previously, I don’t have a world-view concerning my age, as I look at age as God stated it, concerning our lives here on earth.

FSAC_Mrs Alelia Murphy
Mrs Alelia Murphy, image courtesy of CNN

There are a few factors which need to align, also by God’s grace and mercy assisting us, we can live up to that 120 years that He mentioned.
It’s a maximum limit which Mrs Alelia Murphy recently ‘nearly’ reached, see this article.
It may sound contradictory to some but I always say that (compared to eternity, for those who choose to be chosen) this side of life is too short to hold onto past grievances, grudges, disappointments and hurts.

How we think determines our actions

Being a parent enables me to keep in touch with the younger generation and my ‘younger self’, while knowing and interacting with older people, helps me to keep life in balance.
If we tell ourselves ‘we are old’ especially when we are not, we will slow down and feel that way.
I can’t afford to think like that and I refuse to, I have way too much to do and I like squeezing in my Tennis and other physical activities, as and when I can.
Our eldest is 25, our youngest is 12 and we have four others in between, I don’t have the time to slow down or feel ‘old’, as others may do, due to how they perceive age.

Age in relation to serving others in affective leadership

I’ve recently been seeing Blog and social media posts by younger adults, who believe they should be running things and leading.
Good effective leadership is being taught and modelled by those with ‘experience’ and that does take time to learn and achieve.
It’s an area which needs to be looked into in-depth, as it’s obvious that being more senior in age doesn’t necessarily equate to having more wisdom or being fit to lead.
Concerning the young and capable, there are always exceptions to the rules, however, in my experience, governance and leadership require adults to be sufficiently matured, learning from life experiences.
I think, individuals (male or female) holding serious or delicate leadership positions should be a minimum age of 35, if they are exceptional and find themselves in positions of leadership, they should (as all good leaders would) surround themselves/employ people of experience, like myself, who can give good and wise counsel.
At the other end of the scale, I also believe there should be a natural transition with those of more senior ages (for example the 80+) delegating and handing over the baton to the younger leaders.
As I said, there are always exceptions and it’s a subject which requires more serious discussion.

Age in relationships

It could be argued that leadership is something which should naturally be up for discussion, especially country governance, as it affects the many.
Whereas relationships are a more personal matter as they affect the two individuals within them.
My question is, do relationships really only affect the two people in them?
I try my best not to micro-comment on serious topics but in there interest of keeping this post a reasonable length, I will condense my opinion on yet another subject, which has an affect on the village.
While I agree that it could be argued that age differences and age-gap relationships are down to the two consenting adults, it is obvious that the choices we make, affects others, especially our closest friends and family.
Yes, ultimately, people will do whatever they please and I’m writing this, with the acknowledgement of people we know, in large-ish age-gap relationships.
As a parent, I have to look at life with a wide-focused lens and while I know that I’m responsible for my choices and thereby having to live with those choices.
If I (God forbid) became a widower and there was time to move on, after a period of grieving, age would be an important factor in my personal choice for a new wife.
Having both sons and daughters, I would be considering them, how could I not?
I know that I couldn’t physically be a dad (legal age of consent or not) until I was 14, therefore I wouldn’t date (with a view to marry) anyone more than 13 years younger than me, obviously ruling out anyone born after 1983.
On the other end of the scale, I am the eldest child born to a teen mother and while I love my mum dearly, I’m not a mothers boy and I don’t have any ‘mummy issues’.
That being said, I wouldn’t date anyone with a view to marry, who could physically be my mother, my cut-off age, being up to 10 years my senior, ruling out anyone born before 1960.
My mum was born in 1953 and in my opinion, it would be weird to date someone born in the same decade as my mum.
It’s another controversial topic and one I believe more families/friends should discuss, as we do with our elder children.

Being happy with ourselves

Inner confidence and natural beauty are important attributes for me.
I believe we should all develop and find ways to be naturally comfortable in our own skin and if we are not, read the books and or seek counselling to help us achieve that.
We recently watched the documentary Gray is the new Blonde, it was excellent.
Those featured, obviously don’t need my (or anyone else’s) validation or approval, however, it was great to see and hear from so many beautiful women choosing to embrace their Greys and exhibit their natural beauty.
I’ve never dyed my hair and never will, I’m happy to exhibit my salt and pepper (and eventually my Grey) and I believe everyone should be the same, obviously personal choice if others don’t agree.

Thank you

A big shout out to all those born in 1970, this year aligns with our 50th falling on the actual day we were born, mine being 6.45 pm on a Saturday evening…Birthday Blessings to all who share the day with me.
Also, a big thank you, to all who sent me cards and text/signal messages, especially those who take the time to read my thoughts and share their opinions on my posts here on this Blog, it means a lot.
I wanted to spend this birthday elsewhere but this plandemic and other contributing factors, forced a change.
I will enjoy it, while being grateful for that which I have, spending it quietly with my family, with an intention to do something big in the near future.
Have a great weekend.

Much Love.
Phil Gayle
G Man

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